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German Language Schools in
Saarbrücken, Cologne, Hanover, Rhine-Main, Berlin, Munich, and  Radolfzell

Carl Duisberg Training Center in Saarbrücken
cdc_saarland-5.jpg (10247 bytes)The Carl Duisberg Training Center is a 15 minute bus ride from the from the city center. The language school has bright and cheerful classrooms, a multi-media center with free internet use and its own cafeteria which can offer full board on days when courses are held. The atmosphere is friendly and personal. The language school offers language and intercultural preparation for the foreign business leaders of tomorrow as well as tailor-made further-education courses for private individuals.

Carl Duisberg Training Center in Cologne
cdccologne-photo (16393 bytes)The Carl Duisberg Centrum in Cologne (Köln) is close to the city centre and can easily be reached using public transport. It has space for up to 180 students in its friendly classrooms which have all the latest equipment. The media centre with its computers and modern learning programmes, the library and the video library all combine to form a stimulating atmosphere where you can continue learning after your group lessons.

Carl Duisberg Training Center in Hanover
cdc_hanover-2.jpg (11317 bytes)The Carl Duisberg Training Center is located in the downtown area of Hanover, with a view of the Opera and only a few minutes’ walk from the central station and the largest subway stop, Kröpcke. The high degree of specialization in corporate clients and one-on-one lessons for private individuals ensures a very individual approach to the design of lesson content and the use of flexible procedures in language training that is professionally organized and professionally carried out.

Carl Duisberg Training Center in Rhine-Main
cdc_rhine-2.jpg (6771 bytes)The Carl Duisberg Center Rhine-Main (with its cities Frankfurt, Offenbach, Darmstadt, Hanau, Mainz, Wiesbaden and Aschaffenburg) is specialized in a tailor-made individual training and group training for corporate clients. The professional advice, qualified instructors and long experience makes a professional organisation and realization of the trainings possible.

Carl Duisberg Training Center in Berlin
cdcberlin-photo (19109 bytes)The Carl Duisberg Training Center Berlin is located in the city’s "Mitte" district, right in the heart of Germany’s national capital: for example, the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie, Potsdamer Platz, Humboldt-University, the Museum Island – you can reach many of our city’s sights on foot in just a few minutes.

Carl Duisberg Centren provides high quality language training in a friendly atmosphere. At the the Carl Duisberg Training Center, you’ll find cosy classrooms and a media centre with all the latest equipment where a experienced staff can give you individual help and advice.

Carl Duisberg Training Center in Munich
cdcmunich-photo (18689 bytes)The Carl Duisberg Centre in Munich is located in the quiet residential area of Neuhausen, only four tram stops away from the city centre and the main railway station and a few minutes away by bus or underground train from the student quarter of Schwabing. With about 100 student places and its well-equipped, modern media centre, it offers a pleasant atmosphere for intensive study and making new friends. CDC’s own student residential centre is right next to the school.

Carl Duisberg Training Center in Radolfzell
cdcradolfzell-photo (10788 bytes)The Carl Duisberg Centre in Radolfzell is right in the middle of the small romantic town. The building houses the administration, the CDC club room, eight classrooms and the media centre. You also have a chance to study by yourself in the language lab, at a computer or in the video room. Besides all this, you also have access to an international telephone, fax machine, e-mail and the Internet.



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