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Colloquial Lithuanian Language Program
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Routledge Colloquials offer the widest available range of language-learning book and cassette packages. Beginner or intermediate, Colloquials guide the learner through his or her language of choice -- and the flexible format makes it possible to continue learning while jogging, driving to work, or relating at home.

Choose the Colloquial Lithuanian program which is right for you:

Colloquial Lithuanian: the complete course for Beginners
0415121051.jpg (4698 bytes)This complete language course provides coverage of Lithuanian, from the basics to a developed understanding of the spoken and written language. This course will be of interest to both beginners or those wishing to improve on their language skills.


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Seller Version Price
Amazon.com Audiocassettes $49.99
Powells.com Audiocassettes $60.95
Amazon.fr Audiocassettes EUR 46.85
Amazon.de Audiocassettes EUR 52.50

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