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Colloquial Vietnamese Language Program
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From Afrikaans to Urdu, Basque to Welsh, Routledge Colloquials Series now has over fifty of the world's tongues from the most popular to the least common languages. Whether in the classroom or on one's own, these easy to use packs will enable you to acquire a firm command of the spoken and written forms of a foreign language. All new Colloquial packs will now come with both CDs and cassettes.

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Colloquial Vietnamese: A Complete Language Course
0415092078.jpg (4092 bytes)Colloquial Vietnamese takes you through such practical situations as checking into your hotel, telling someone about yourself, offering an invitation, talking business, and dining out. The alphabet and tone system are also broken down for the beginner.

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Last update was made on May 1st, 2005
Seller Version Price
Amazon.com Bk/Cas $34.62
Powells Bk/Cas $41.56
Powells Trade paper $24.95

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