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Check Out The Exciting Courses Offered by These Schools...
ebaad179-2.jpg (33014 bytes)Learn English in Canada with Interlangues. A school founded in 1976 and with a campus in the heart of downtown Ottawa, an exciting, diverse city with a population of over a million people.

Learn German in the very center of Berlin´s trendiest district with GLS, a school awarded "best German language school in Germany". GLS offers German courses in a green campus with 50 studio appartments, 40 classrooms, bookshop, cafeteria, and restaurant.

French in France: In the heart of a magnificent forest and only 34 miles SW of Paris you can learn and live French at Institut International de Rambouillet, one of the best French schools in France.
dialogo3.jpg (21824 bytes)Learn Portuguese at Dialogo and immerse yourself in the Portuguese language and the Brazilian culture in the beautiful city of Salvador, Bahia
If you are seeking to learn, perfect or update your French,  Accent Français offers personalized and high quality services in the warm and friendly atmosphere of Montpellier in the South of France.

ebaba182-4.jpg (11389 bytes)El Cuélebre offers residential Spanish courses for foreigners in the mountains of Asturias, in Northern Spain, in a very special village situated in the heart of the Somiedo Natural Park.

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Learn a foreign languages through image association.
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