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Spanish language

Spanish is today  the third most spoken native language after the Chinese  and  English  and one of the fastest extension language.  Spanish language and the culture it represents, has pierced deep in almost all the places to which it has been transported. The Spanish language has been transferred to numerous nations and it has become the native language of about 332 million people around the world. It endorses a solid and shining literature, a list of towns of intense lives and express growth and a remarkable adaptability.

It is also one of the most studied languages of the world and the demand for its courses grows day to day. For anyone who wishes to experience the hispanic culture there is no better way than doing it through the study of its language, a language that in addition turns out to be one of most beautiful of the world. 

The Spanish in the world. 

The vitality and the health of the Spanish language are remarkable. Its expansion continues inexorable, and the force of its Literature and the dominion of mass media make it even more unitarian 

 Although there have been attempts to reform his spelling in a radical way, the general tendency is towards the conservation of the norm so as is was fixed on century XIX with gradual transformations. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the Spanish does not accept foreign influences: on the contrary, it has incorporated numerous words of foreign origin which have served to describe new social and scientific situations as well as it  has left its track in other languages. 

And due to the increasing globalizacion our world lives today, Spanish is one of the most studied languages in the wworld 





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