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English Language School in England, United Kingdom


ebaaa198-5.jpg (3438 bytes)Dear Student, LSSE provides you with a professional but fun learning environment. We teach by encouraging you to participate in discussions, games and to learn from your teacher and the other students in your class. The more you contribute to these activities, the more you will learn.   Wishing you a happy and productive time with us at LSSE.

ebaaa198-2.jpg (20266 bytes)Leicester Square School of English (LSSE) started in 1992. Located in Leicester Square, the school is next to the world famous Odeon cinema, where many of the film premieres take place. Leicester Square is traffic free, surrounded by outside cafes and restaurants, where students, office workers and tourists sit to enjoy the atmosphere of musicians and street artists. Westminster library is located 4 minutes walk from the school. Here you can use the computer centre and borrow books and DVDs. The school also has a study area and a computer area that gives the students the chance to continue their English language studies after class in a quiet atmosphere. There is also free internet access for research or contacting friends and family.

ebaaa198-3.jpg (10504 bytes)In all lessons the teachers cater for the needs of their students. Extra material, including authentic materials are used to supplement the course book and to reflect the students' interests. Oral communication is emphasized and students are expected to speak English in class. All language areas are covered including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the functional language students need to interact in English. You can choose to study 15, 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week and all lessons are structured  for 50 minutes. Students are given a weekly test based on the material they have covered in class. Long term students will have a tutorial with the Director of Studies to discuss their progress. All students who complete their course are given a certificate showing the length and type of course and an outline of language abilities for their level. Courses offered by LSSE include: General English, Academic Year (52 weeks) -for students applying to a UK college or university or for students who want to spend a year in London-, One to One courses and IELTS preparation courses.

All types of accommodation options offered by the school have good links to the school in central London by bus, rail and underground (tube). You can choose between homestay, private home, student residential accommodation or university halls of residence accommodation. If you wish to stay in a hotel or hostel which is not available through the school, the staff can recommend places near to the school.

One of the biggest advantages of studying at LSSE is that you are surrounded by hundreds of leisure activities and attractions including: theatre land, cinema land, visits to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the River Thames (boat cruises) which are a short distance through Trafalgar Square and St. James' Park, the shopping centre of Oxford Street which is within walking distance, etc.

Leicester Square School of English
22 Leicester Square
London WC2H 7LE

England, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 20 78397772
Fax: +44 (0) 20 78392377


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