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English Courses in Ireland

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English Language School in Ireland


Delfin English School Dublin is located in the heart of Dublin, right beside O’Connell Street. Delfin Dublin offers general English courses, business English courses, exam preparation courses including the CAE, FCE and IELTS and many other English course options. We aim to be the best English school in both the UK and Ireland. Key to this is having the best teachers and staff you will find in any English school and we take great care to make sure that is always the case. Come to Delfin Dublin and find out why we are so popular!

Learning a language is not just about studying in the classroom, however, and that is why we make an enormous effort to give you the chance to practice your English outside of class and to meet native speakers. Our social programme is packed with events where you can explore Dublin, meet new people, and speak English. So, if you want to visit Dublin and learn English then Delfin English School is the place to be! We offer classes from Beginners to Advanced and you will take a placement test before you come to the school, and then a speaking test on arrival, to determine your level. You will be told your final level after you've taken the Writing and Speaking tests at Delfin School.

We offer free internet access to all students, in the form of WiFi throughout the building, as well as computers for students’ use, located in the student recreation room and the library.

Our large, bright classrooms are fully equipped with a whiteboard, projector, and audio facilities. Learning English is not just about grammar and so our classrooms allow students to interact with real-life. English, in the form of videos, music and other online resources, while also giving students the space to move around and learn in a dynamic, interactive environment. This means you will improve as quickly as possible while also having a lot of fun. Our spacious student area has an area to relax and have a coffee or some lunch, couches to sit and have a chat or read a magazine, and computers to check your emails or catch up on news. It is a great place to meet students from all over the world or just to relax after your English classes. There is also a pool table and a foosball table, board games, a café, snack machines, and notice boards letting you know about the latest social activities, or the best job opportunities in Dublin.

ebaab109-3.jpg (80162 bytes)The café is located in the recreation room, and is where students gather to discuss what they have learnt that day and the plans they are making for the busy social night ahead. There is tea and coffee, pastries, salads, sandwiches and lots more, all at great prices for students. We also have a student library where you can study online, read a book, or do your homework. There is an extensive range of both text books and fiction, many of which are adapted especially to different levels of fluency. You can read these in the library or borrow them to read in your own time. There are also materials for exam preparation, including past exam papers, listening comprehensions, and information and advice about the different exams you might like to take. Our academic team are always happy to help with any questions you might have about preparing for exams.


Delfin English School
2 Parnell Square East, Dublin 1, Ireland
Phone: +353(0)1 872 2037
Fax: +353(0)1 874 6417

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