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English Courses in Ireland

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English Language School in Ireland


ebaab120-2.jpg (13370 bytes)Cork International Language Academy (CILA) is a Summer language school which offers English language courses in Cork City, Ireland, to international students. The school is located on Model Farm Road, about a 7-10 minute bus ride from the city centre and uses the facilities of Mt. Mercy College. The classrooms are spacious; there is ample space for lunch and for heating food, and the school has an excellent football field for recreational sports. There is Broadband internet access (not wireless access) in every apartment, and Cork City has a number of internet cafés at very reasonable prices. When you are not in class, the canteen is a place to go to chat with friends, to have a cup of tea, to relax or even to study what you learned from the day.

CILA courses are carefully designed to meet the highest international standards. The lowest class level is Pre-Intermediate and there are lessons up to four different levels. Students are given a written and oral placement test on the first day and are placed in small groups of max. 12 participants per class (average 9). ebaab120-3.jpg (12150 bytes)Minimum age required is 18 years old. Classes start on Monday (when Monday is a public holiday, Tuesday is the start day) and there is no extra charge for course materials. Every class hour is 55 minutes in length and every student receives an English Certificate and report at the end of the course. Courses offered are the CSE Standard English (20 hrs/week) and the CBE Business English course (26 hrs/week- Intermediate level required), both of them include a social & cultural programme and a weekend excursion. They are held 4 days per week and have a minimum duration of two weeks. There is also the CILA One-to-one course, which is taught in the afternoons and has a minimum duration of one hour.

ebaab120-4.jpg (8132 bytes)CILA offers two accommodation options: apartment sharing, the most popular choice, and a stay with a host family. Apartments are close to the city centre and a walk of 15 minutes to the school, include full kitchen facilities, broadband Internet access, laundry facilities and a living room with multi channel TV. Host families are carefully chosen and are located in the city or in the suburbs. Students have a strong interaction with their members.

CILA usually arrange academic, social and cultural activities for you. Some examples are: tour of Cork, Irish films, pub visits, bowling, Irish Dancing, etc. Most of the activities are included in the price. Weekend excursions are available at a reasonable cost.



Fitzgerald House, Grand Parade,
Cork City, Ireland
Tel: + 353 21 425 1765
Fax: + 353 21 422 2815

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