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Learn English in USA

The English Language Center at the University of Denver
English Language Courses in Colorado, USA

The English Language Center (ELC) was created in 1975 and since then, has been a part of the University of Denver. It is an intensive, collegiate preparation program. Its graduates continue to be successful undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Denver and other schools. It has five classrooms, a large student lounge, a listening/computer lab and a prayer room in our main classroom building. There are the teachers' offices in this building as well as pleasant areas outside for student activities. The center also has three classrooms and a computer lab in another building, Margery Reed Hall. Students can take advantage of the DU library and sports and recreation facilities. International student organizations also welcome ELC students.

Classes are held from 9:00 to 3:20 on Monday through Thursday and from 9:00 to 12:00 on Friday. This equals 25 hours of class each week. Students who complete the Level 5 (College Prep) will receive an English Language Center Certificate of Completion and are prepared to be successful undergraduate at the University of Denver or other universities.

ELC students have a variety of housing choices: there is a homestay program (students can live with an American family and practice their English and learn about American life first-hand), it is possible to stay at the University of Denver Residence Halls on campus (which has a very limited availability, then applications must be filed early and a deposit is required) and most students live off campus in apartments. Many apartment are available close to the ELC.

English Language Center 2008
1958 S. Josephine St., Denver, CO 80208 USA
Tel: (303) 871-3075
Fax (303) 871-6622.

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