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Learn English in Canada

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English Language Centre in Toronto, Canada


ebaad190-4.jpg (13691 bytes)Founded in Canada in 1976, Bouchereau Lingua International (BLI) offers various language immersion programs for Canadian and international clients, intended for adults who want to improve their knowledge of French or English. Every year, BLI welcomes Canadians along with foreign visitors from worldwide (including students, working people, retirees, travelers and others) in three different locations: Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. All schools are located in the downtown area, easily accessible by public transit and in close proximity to a multitude of services.

ebaad190-3.jpg (11853 bytes)The general language immersion program (in English or French) is organized in groups of 4 to 9 people at the same level. This is by far the BLI most popular program, with fast and noticeable results, particularly in oral communication skills. There are courses of various durations beginning every Monday throughout the year. BLI offers international groups in Toronto (English) and Quebec City (French), as well as private courses (three locations), combination of group + private lessons (Toronto & Quebec City), and other types of courses, such as semi-private courses (two people) and groups pre-formed by the client, which are offered at the three locations too.   International groups (for English or French courses) receive general instruction in French or English 20 hours per week. They last from two weeks to one year and the minimum age to participate is 18 years old. Private courses are customized, adapted to individual needs and run from 10 to 60 hours per week in 5 or 6 days. These courses begin and last according to the client's requests.

ebaad190-2.jpg (10870 bytes)In addition to general language instruction, BLI offers language immersion programs for business people whether in private, semi-private or small groups (from 3-6), tailored to the needs of the participants. The minimum duration of these programs is one week and it is recommendable a pre-intermediate level or higher. The English immersion program is offered in Toronto and Montreal, and the French immersion program is offered in Quebec City and Montreal.

BLI can provide several types of accommodation: Host family (French or English as appropriate), hotel, apartment, university residence (mid-April to mid-August) and Bed & Breakfast. Most of clients prefer to stay with a host family so they can practice the target language apart from their course time at BLI.  Besides, every week, BLI suggests activities for its participants. Many of these occur during the week, while others, further away, are reserved for weekends.


Bouchereau Lingua International - BLI

407, Saint-Laurent Blvd., Suite 410
Montreal (Québec)

H2Y 2Y5 Canada
Tel: (514) 842-3847
Fax : (514) 842-3840
E-mail : montreal@bli.ca
43, rue de Buade - Bureau 430
Québec (Québec)

G1R 4A2 Canada
Tel : (418) 692-1370
Fax : (418) 692-6026
E-mail : quebec@bli.ca
1255 Bay Street,
Suite 600
Toronto (Ontario)

M5R 2A9 Canada
E-mail: toronto@bli.ca


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