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Learn English in Canada

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Cultural Connections Institute - The Learning Exchange
English school in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, CCI-LEX has offered quality, affordable ESL classes for visitors to Canada for over ten years. At our school you will find an exciting multicultural environment with students from over 80 countries taking part in our classes every year! Students from all over the world choose to study here, not only for our superior ESL program, but for our warm, friendly environment and because it’s a great place for cross-cultural learning exchanges.

CCI-LEX has continuous enrollment so you can start classes when you are ready! Just coming to Edmonton for a short time? No problem, we offer 4-week registration periods. We offer full-time and part-time classes from Beginner to Advanced levels, and we have daytime and evening programs. Take general ESL or a specialized class for communication, pronunciation, writing, or IELTS test preparation. Class sizes are small and teachers offer plenty of individual attention. Our students also have the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of extra activities. Students can participate in field trips to local festivals, museums, and other local attractions; or take part in informative workshops, student recognition and school contests. We have something for everyone!

#428, 10621 100 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 0B3

Phone: +1 780-944-0792
Fax: +1 780-424-3199
Email: info@cci-lex.ca

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