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Spanish Courses in Guatemala

CLI Spanish School
ebabc101-3.jpg (32499 bytes)The Centro Lingüístico Internacional in Antigua, Guatemala, is located in a beautiful Spanish colonial house on a closed estate in the best part of Antigua. The building contains the classrooms, the offices, private rooms, and apartments, as well as an Internet café, laundry area, and a kitchen. 

Miguel Angel Asturias School

miguelangelasturias-1b.jpg (1484 bytes)Miguel Angel Asturias Spanish School provides intensive one-on-one Spanish instruction. In addition, the school sponsors half and full-time social volunteer programs. A Medical Spanish program is also available for medical students who wish specialized vocabulary and clinical experience. Other extras include cultural activities, trips,  and optional general or technical conversation practice.
Celas Maya Spanish School
ebabc102-1.jpg (2859 bytes)Celas Maya is located in a thriving community of restaurants, hotels, residential and commercial areas. It offers Spanish immersion programs for beginners through advanced students, in one-on-one instruction.  In addition to the language instruction, it organizes trips, volunteer opportunities, and other weekly activities like salsa lessons, field trips, films, lectures, and more...

Academia de Español Guatemala
At the Academia de Español Guatemala teaching is one-on-one and in groups in a splendid garden setting with a swimmingpool. Its experienced teachers, its focus on activities, and its warm, family-like atmosphere make it a school like no other.

Casa Xelajú
Casa Xelajú offers Spanish instruction, social and cultural programs, with a wide range of extra services...

Guatemalensis Spanish School
A private, not-for-profit organization located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Founded in 1990...
Jabel Tinamit Spanish School
Mayan owned and operated, Jabel Tinamit is located by the stunningly beautiful Lake Atitlan...
CDL Spanish School
CDL opened in 2001 in a beautiful remodeled colonial home located just a few blocks from the central park...

Pop Wuj
Owned and operated by a co-operative of teachers, Pop Wuj's community spirit creates a welcoming environment for students to learn Spanish...




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