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Spanish Language Courses in Guatemala


Centro Lingüístico Internacional
Spanish Language School in Guatemala


ebabc101-4.jpg (75032 bytes)Centro Lingüístico Internacional (CLI) Spanish School in Antigua, Guatemala, offering the most program and lodging options, is in a beautiful house located on a closed estate in the best part of Antigua.  The building contains classrooms, offices, private rooms, and apartments, as well as an Internet café, laundry area, and a kitchen. There is a private library only for the students, and even secured parking for those traveling in Guatemala and Central America with a personal vehicle.

CLI offers General Spanish classes, and all lessons are private, with one teacher and one student to encourage rapid learning. Instruction can begin any day of the week, and every student may choose his/her own schedule. Our teachers have received commendations and extremely favorable reports from university students and working professionals, as well as newspapers, ambassadors, and the US Air Force.

Unique to the school are special programs to suit special interests or needs, such as Teach and Learn (with exchange of conversation lessons between Spanish speakers learning the student's native tongue and the Spanish language learner), Learn Together (for families with children learning together), Private programs for kids, Total Immersion, Fun and Sun (Spanish + travel), etc.

ebabc101-5.jpg (71055 bytes)There are several accommodation choices: in private rooms or apartments of the school, with a host family, in a student house or living with a teacher, in a luxurious low cost hotel room, or in a student hostel. There is also a wide range of extra activities offered by the school, in which students may participate to increase their communicative skills in Spanish, like movies in Spanish, dance lessons, coffee plantation tours in Antigua, lectures, etc.

CLI Spanish School is one of the highest rated schools in Guatemala, with a history of returning clients.  There are many reasons for this, and that set our school apart from the rest.  This includes:
-A 100% refund policy
-Apartments & private rooms, right on school grounds, an estate with beautiful gardens
-Internet and Wi-Fi in all apartments and rooms - free of charge to our students
-Internet café, with laptop and desktop computers - unlimited use, & also free of charge
-Our own laundry, meal service, and travel service - right at the school
-Specialized courses in the medical, legal, business, diplomatic & academic fields
-Special programs unique to our school, such as All-inclusive and Fun & Sun
-Free daily activities; special optional weekend trips to areas of interest
-Ratings of 95% from students - "œvery good" or better in all areas. 
-Accredited by the Ministry of Education, INGUAT the tourist commission, and arrangement with a local university for academic credit

Centro Lingüístico Internacional
Callejón del Burrito, El Injertal #7
Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala, Centro America.
Telephone: (+502) 7832-4551
Facsimile:  (+502) 7832-4551
Cellular:     (+502) 53883-625
(for after hours urgent matters)

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