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Spanish Language Courses in Guatemala


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Spanish Language School in Guatemala

ebabc130-2.jpg (7293 bytes)Asociación Centro de Estudios de Español Pop Wuj (pronounced "pope-woo"), set in highland Guatemala, is a collectively owned and operated Spanish language school that has been serving international students since 1992. It takes its name from the title of the great epic saga of the Maya-Quiché people, Pop Wuj (The Book of Time). Through a unique mix of intensive language study and social service projects, students come to a better understanding of the political, social, and cultural realities of Guatemala, while contributing to a better way of life for families in the rural areas surrounding Quetzaltenango.

ebabc130-3.jpg (6290 bytes)Centro Pop Wuj is a cooperative owned by the teaching staff. The school is nonprofit and all earnings are donated to a variety of community development projects in which the students are welcome to participate. Every student has the chance to work directly on the projects, side by side with the beneficiaries of his/her financial assistance. For more information on these projects and how to get involved please visit the Todos Juntos Blog which is regularly updated by volunteers currently at the school. Most important among these projects is Pop Wuj's scholarship program for local youths. Once wholly endowed by student's tuition, the scholarships are now subsidized by private donations from previous students. Through these contributions, Pop Wuj currently provides critical financial assistance to over 80 Guatemalan students. Many of the scholarship recipients are from rural areas where associated education costs would prohibit the completion of their education.

Pop Wuj offers four different programs: a Spanish language immersion study, an excursion program that expands the immersion program to include cultural fieldtrips, and two programs geared for students and professionals in the fields of Medicine/Healthcare and Social Work/Community Development. All programs feature volunteer work projects. The Medical/Healthcare and Social Work/Community Development programs provide students with field placement and supervision in their professional practices.  The Excursion, Medical, and Social programs also include the Immersion Program features.

ebabc130-4.jpg (10677 bytes)Teaching style at Pop Wuj is one-on-one. The formal classes in Spanish are given four and a half hours a day, five days a week. During the rest of the day and in the evening, the school offers a variety of activities that are designed to teach students something about Guatemalan and Latin American culture. Classes run Monday through Friday, with morning or afternoon sessions. The school recommends a minimum of three weeks for maximum benefit. However, depending on your goals, your current level of expertise and/or innate abilities, you may wish to stay for shorter or longer periods. One to two weeks can certainly be enough time to dust off high school or college Spanish, improve grammar and vocabulary and be introduced to a fascinating country and culture. Longer stays, if you have the available time, can give one mastery and fluency. How much fluency you develop naturally would depend, in part, on your inherent abilities, determination and commitment as well as how much you stay focused. There are many opportunities to practice with teachers and your host family.

Teachers are college educated and trained as instructors of Spanish as a foreign language. They are able to teach at all levels and can assist students in developing vocabularies in a variety of disciplines, such as medicine, social work, education.


Pop Wuj
Primera Calle, 17-72, Zona 1
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Telephone & Fax: 502.7761.8286


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