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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

La Escuela del Sol
Spanish Language School in Costa Rica

Located in the beautiful and tranquil Montezuma, Costa Rica, La Escuela del Sol was founded on the principle of self enhancement of the body, the mind and the soul.  It offers Spanish instruction, as well as Surfing lessons, Poi and Yoga instruction.  Students will receive 2 hours of classroom instruction each morning and 2 hours of applied learning each afternoon (Monday-Friday).  Applied learning is where they can put their knowledge to use and reinforce what they’ve already learned.   This might mean a scavenger hunt, a board game or a walk on the beach with their instructor.  Many times, during this afternoon section, students will have the opportunity to use their newfound language skills with Montezuma locals in the center of town with a fun and hands on experience.

New classes begin every two weeks.

Accommodations are included in the listed price.  If studetns don’t take the option to have a private room, they will likely have a roommate.  All rooms include a fan or air conditioning and a private bathroom.  All students will have access to a kitchen as well. 

There’s plenty of adventure to be had during downtime and weekends in and around Montezuma.  For those in the three or four week programs,   third Friday will be free, giving them time to explore and find some adventure. Included For All Students are organized the Montezuma Waterfall Hike and the Giant Turtle Egg Laying Tour (July - October; New and Full Moons).  For 2, 3 or 4 Week Students, there are many additional options, like the Zip-Line Canopy Tour  or the Horseback Riding to Private Waterfalls (Weekends Only).  Besides, la Escuela del Sol can arrange optional excursions for its students.


La Escuela Del Sol
300 metros al sur del centro Montezuma
Contiguo al puente
Montezuma, Costa Rica, Centro America
(011-506) 8358-5312

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