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Learn Spanish in Ecuador

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Spanish language school in Ecuador


La Lengua is a friendly and familiar language school located in the heart of Quito, Ecuador. Established in 1994, the school offers Spanish classes at all levels on a one-to-one basis. From beginner to the advanced level, its individually tailored classes increase considerably students' knowledge of the Spanish language. All teachers are helpful and have a university degree in teaching Spanish to foreign people. The Spanish courses include optional activities, accompanied by the teacher, for instance to the Middle of the World, walking tours in Quito Colonial, visits to indigenous markets, etc. The school also provides weekend excursions to offer the students real-life practice and a first-hand experience of the Ecuadorian culture.

La Lengua offers Spanish classes at different places, such as Quito, Puerto López, the Amazon, Otavalo and/or Baños. This way Spanish students can enjoy the country.
There is also a special 4 week course available. This Spanish program includes Quito, Otavalo, the Jungle and Puerto López (Coast). At each place students will stay about one week and there are also several excursions organized in order to enjoy most of Ecuador, its nature and its culture in just a short time. This program includes private Spanish lessons, excursions, salsa classes, several meals and bus fares.

Other special program offered by the school is the program for medical students and professionals. This special course is for medical students and professionals who work as volunteers in hospitals or medical centers in Quito. Students will learn medical vocabulary within Spanish classes, which is necessary for work and daily situations in hospitals. 

"La Lengua" Spanish Schools & Tours
Address: Colón 1001 y Juan León Mera,
Building "Ave María" Quito - Ecuador
Phones: (593 2) 2501 271 / 2543 521
Cel: (593) 95 609 246

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