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Learn Spanish in Ecuador

Academia de Español SurPacifico
Spanish language schools in Ecuador


"Sun, surf, sand, palm trees and exotic plants, dolphins, seals, humpback whales, rare bird life, stunning vistas and sunsets, pastoral rivers and forests, incredible seafood, nightlife, and more. Welcome to the south pacific tropical coast of Ecuador, a unique and alluring experience. Welcome to Surpacifico, Ecuador's internationally recognized Spanish School."
Manuel Bucheli (Director)

ebabe120-2.jpg (9778 bytes)SurPacifico Spanish School offers a Spanish immersion program approved by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, which also has Bildungsurlaub recognition for German students. The combination of tropical beaches, climate, and people who are warm and friendly by nature will make the students stay in Ecuador unforgettable.

SurPacifico offers flexible scheduling, according to the students' needs, qualified teachers with many years of experience and many extra services such as airport transportation, money exchange, hotel reservations, ticket purchases, mail, fax and telephone service as well as general/tourist information, advice and suggestions. Classes begin each day of the week, individual one-on-one, but group classes are possible (min 3, max 5 participants per class) for groups of friends traveling together with the same level of Spanish who are interested in taking lessons as a group. The school also provides books, teaching materials and videos. Its communicative method is characterized by rapid progress in real life conversations combined with the intensive study of grammar, vocabulary, reading and pronunciation. There are also out-of-class experiences with  teachers such as visits to national parks, beaches and nearby islands, boat trips, water sports, etc. Other additional activities such as Ecuadorian cooking classes, and tropical dance classes (Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, etc.) are also offered.

ebabe120-3.jpg (15568 bytes)Sur Pacifico Spanish School has two locations, one in Quito, another in Manta.  The school in Quito is located in a residential neighborhood, just a few blocks from Parque Carolina. It operates in a very spacious house with naturally well-lit classrooms, a social area, cafeteria, and gardens.   In Manta, the school offers the Intensive Spanish program (4 to 7 hours a day), the Manta Activo program (lessons combined with special out-of-class activities) and the Bildungsurlaub Program (6 hours per day, 5 days per week).  Other special programs include Medical Spanish, Spanish and Surfing, Traveling Class Ecuador, and much more.

SurPacifico offers different options of accommodation: homestay, student apartment, or in a hotel.  Home-stays with carefully selected families include meals, a private bedroom and laundry service. The school has a fully furnished department (with hot water, tv cable, etc.) where the students who want more independence has an excelent choice.


Academia de Español SurPacífico
Main Office
24 Ave. and 15 St. Barre Building 3rd. Floor
P.O.Box 13-05-404
Tel: (593-5) 2610-838
Tel/Fax: (593-5) 2611-206
Cell phone: (593-9) 9184-735
E-mail: info@ecuadorspanishschools.com   / surpacifico@easynet.net.ec

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