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Learn Spanish in  Chile

Language Pucón
Spanish Language School in Chile

Situated in the heart of the Chilean lake district, Language Pucón school is dedicated to teach Spanish to travellers.  The school was established in 1999 in Pucón, a town situated on the beach of Lake Villarrica, on the foothills of the Villarrica Vulcano, surrounded by a astonishing nature, friendly people and a graet variety of outdoor and leisure time activities.  This is a perfect place to combine learning Spanish with outdoor activities and getting to know the Chilean culture.

Language Pucón offers intensive Spanish courses in private lessons (one-to-one), for couples (one-to-two), in small groups (max. 4 students per class) and with immersion programs with family homestay.   Group sessions are offered from November to March, in terms of 2 weeks.   Lessons last 60 minutes and run from Monday to Saturday.  There three types of courses:  the Crash courses (20 hours per week), the Intensive courses (15 hours) and the Standard courses (10 hours per week). Some of the special programs combine the language instruction with other outdoors activities, such as Spanish & Horseback riding, Spanish & Skiing, Spanish & "Conquer the active Volcano", etc.   For families travelling with kids or parents who take part in a "school at home" program, Language Pucón offers a special course for children and day care possibilities for children meanwhile their parents are studying.

Language Pucón can help its students to organize their accommodation. There are different choices: in a hostel (simple or mid-class), in hotels or in separate cabins.  Students may choose to stay with a local family too. 

Language Pucón also offers an outdoor recreation program, which include one week of language lessons and one day and two half day activities: Conquering the active Villarrica Volcano, hiking in National Park Huerquehue, visiting the Mapuche Museum in Pucon, rafting the Trancura River, etc.

Language Pucon
Pucon, IX Region, Chile,
Uruguay 306
Tel.: +5645444967

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