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Learn Spanish in Peru


Spanish language school in Cusco, Peru


At ACUPARI we are more than a language school.  We are also a cultural institution fostering an intercultural exchange between our international students and our Peruvian students.  We have top qualified certified, friendly, teachers offering students the best opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in the Spanish language and the Peruvian culture.  Come study with us and we'll make sure you feel at home!
Maria Juergenz de Hermoza (Director)

ACUPARI language school offers Spanish language courses in Cusco, the amazing capital of the ancient Inca Empire.  The school is located in a beautiful colonial house in Cusco's historic center, where the students can find shops, hotels, restaurants and the opportunity of being immersed in the Spanish language and Peruvian culture and history.

ACUPARI offers Spanish courses at all levels, from beginner to advanced.  Courses are organized in small groups (from 2 to 6 participants per class), and can be taken 4 hours per day (Standard courses) or 6 hours per day (Intensive courses). Private instruction is also available, in standard or intensive schedule. Students enroll these courses for minimum 1 week (2 weeks for standard group courses). ACUPARI also offers the optional Tandem® conversational training, which is a great way to practice Spanish outside the classroom and it is free to all ACUPARI students. Tandem® is a conversation method in which two students, with different maternal languages, help each other to learn the other’s native language. 

The school also offers Spanish courses in such areas as social, academic, tourist, business, medical, or other professions. Besides, at ACUPARI students can prepare for all three levels of the DELE exams and diploma. In addition to Spanish instruction, ACUPARI alsos offer one-to-one Quechua courses, the language of the Incas. The hands-on classes are complemented by visits to markets and village communities.

ACUPARI also offers its students an opportunity to further acquaint themselves with Cusco, its people and culture, and the Spanish language by volunteering!
After completing a minimum of two weeks of their language course, students can
volunteer in one of various Peruvian organizations that are supported by
ACUPARI.  Some of the volunteer projects are in orphanages, with street
children, children's hopsitals, daycare centers, a children's library, or with
adolescent mothers.

ACUPARI hosts a variety of free and fun social events for its students to further immerse them into the Spanish language and culture, such as Salsa lessons, Peruvian cooking, international movie nights, and excursions to interesting sites (entry fee not included).  ACUPARI, as a non-profit cultural association, is also completely committed to social projects and community efforts, throughout Cusco and its outlying areas. Any ACUPARI language student who has completed a minimum two weeks Spanish course can participate in one of a range of volunteer opportunities benefiting one of several Peruvian institutions.

ACUPARI offers accommodation with Peruvian host families, but if the student prefer to stay in a hostel or hotel instead of a homestay, ACUPARI can arrange hotel reservations according to the student's wishes  On request ACUPARI can also arrange the reservation for the student's overnight accommodation in Lima.


ACUPARI Language School -- Spanish and Quechua Immersion
San Agustin 307 - Cusco - Peru

Tel: +51-84-242970
Fax: +51-84-235459

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