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Spanish language schools in Panama

ebabk106-4.jpg (19177 bytes)Spanish by the Sea / by the River is an organization with three language schools, of which two are located in Panama: Spanish by the Sea in Bocas del Toro and Spanish by the River in Boquete. The schools offer an accredited Spanish program based on the "communicative approach", which means the emphasis is on conversation rather than grammar. Specialty courses like medical and business Spanish as well as Spanish for children and travelers are available. Classes are held outside. For each 20 hours of study at any of the schools, you can receive 1 credit point that is transferable to your University or High school. After finishing your study with the organization, it is possible to sign up for an official exam, which you can take at the Spanish by the River/by the Sea Panamanian Partner University in David: www.oteima.ac.pa
ebabk106-3.jpg (11840 bytes)Spanish by the Sea in Bocas del Toro is the perfect place to combine your Spanish lessons with various water sport activities, such as diving, sailing and surfing. Both schools have an extensive excursion program as well. Spanish by the Sea offers snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and visiting a national park, a cacao farm and different beaches. If you like to explore the island on your own, the school has bikes, snorkeling equipment and kayaks for rent. There are different activities in the evening too, like cooking class and salsa lessons. Do not miss the Friday night barbecue! Altogether, the school in Bocas del Toro is the perfect place to learn Spanish while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of a Caribbean surf town.
ebabk106-2.jpg (16319 bytes)Spanish by the River is located in Boquete in the Chiriquí province, which is famous for its refreshing climate and terrific hiking possibilities. Spanish by the River has an adventure program as well, so it is easy to combine your Spanish classes with all sorts of activities like rafting, kayaking, a canopy tour, horseback riding, mountain biking or visiting hot springs, coffee farms and flower gardens. But the school itself is also a great place to relax, with its beautiful tropical garden and great view of the Barú volcano. Overall, the school in Boquete is the perfect place to learn Spanish while experiencing the relaxing surroundings of a Panamanian mountain town.
It is also possible to visit both schools, or even to combine it with a stay at the school in Turrialba in Costa Rica. This way you can study at different locations without losing educational continuity. For students that want to travel, learn Spanish and visit all the language schools, Spanish by the River/by the Sea offer the travelling classroom: a program which visits all three schools in three weeks. By visiting each location accompanied by a Spanish instructor, you will find yourself in a setting that enhances your learning. The professor will not only teach you the Spanish language, but will along the way provide information about the surroundings as well as the culture of each region.


Spanish by the River – Boquete
Tel: (00507) 720 3456
Cel: (00507) 6759 5753
Email: spanishbytheriverboquete@gmail.com
Skype: spanish-boquete

Spanish by the Sea – Bocas del Toro
Tel: (00507) 757 9518
Cel: (00507) 6592 0775
Email: spanishbytheseabocas@gmail.com
Skype: Spanish.by.the.sea

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