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Learn French in France

Institut International de Rambouillet
French language school near Paris, France

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An uncommon historic site: the Institut International offers you the best conditions possible to study french language in Rambouillet.
Valerie Rodrigues (Le directeur de l'institut)
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This page has been developed to get you the answers to questions you still might have. Please take a few minutes to read it, chances are you will find what you are looking for.  But, if you can't find what you need, please send us your question.  To do so, please use the contact form you will find at the bottom of this page.


Are there any additionnal costs ?
How many students in a group ?
When must I pay ?
How old are students?
Do I need an insurance ?
How long in advance must I enroll ?
Can you prepare specific meals ?
Is it difficult to reach Rambouillet ?
Have you homestay ?
What about holidays ?
How to get to Rambouillet?


Are there any additionnal costs ?
No ! Pricelist includes everything : 30Hours/week tuition, 3 meals a day, nights in single or double room, books (method book is loaned for your stay, unless you wish to keep it for 15€), class trip, internet connection...

How many students in a group ?

Up to 12 at the most. Average is 8.

When must I pay ?

A deposit of 350€ has to be paid as soon as you wish to confirm. The rest of the bill has to be paid on arrival

How old are students?

The youngest students are not yet twenty years old (but all are over 16). The oldest students are retired people (There was a 92 year-old student!).

Do I need an insurance ?
It is,obviously, advisable to have insurance. Your insurance may cover you in France. Check ,and, if you need any, apply for an extension. Of course the institute is covered by its own professionnal insurance, but only for its own responsability.

Remember that french law can be different from the laws of your own country. For instance, in France, a hotel remains responsable for theft in a bedroom, but this is not the case for student rooms on a campus : thus, if you have valuables, you must insure them. Social security can also be quite different according to your nationality and the kind of agreements which exist between your own country and France...

How long in advance must I enroll ?

The deadline for Summer courses is about 2 months in advance. In other periods ,it is about 1 month. In December or January we can sometimes accommodate someone with only 1 week notice.

Can you prepare specific meals ?

No :it would be too difficult to satisfy all needs , and it would be very difficult - and a real responsability - to conceive balanced diets for a long stay, as you are free to change part of it. Thus ,we only say that our organization of buffets allows a great flexibility, and that our chef is ready to cooperate, offering fish instead of meat, raw vegetables for vegetarians etc... But in this case , the protein-balance of the meal that you decide to change, becomes your own choice, and your own reponsability.

Is it difficult to reach Rambouillet ?

Quite easy . See our page "itinerary". With your confirmation of enrollment you will get a call number to contact us if the office is closed.

Have you homestay ?

No : too many students are disappointed by such a formula : they are expecting good relationship with a French family , and often only get a room in a family with duties and limited contacts.

Students can stay in an hotel, if they are looking for a more confortable residence (and they choose our pricelist :"dayschool only"). We can book an hotel's room for them

What about holidays ?

During holidays :January 1st, March 28th, May 5th and 16th, July 14th August 5th, and November 11th .The institute is open :meals are served, rooms,or laboratory are open. but there is no course as teachers do not work.

How to get to Rambouillet?

By car: Leave Paris by the tunnel of Saint Cloud, highway A13, which turns into A12 and then RN10, Rambouillet is well signposted from Paris. Distance Paris - Rambouillet = 45Km. Once here, you will have no trouble to park your car.

By plane: You will land either in Orly (south-east), or, more probably, in Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (north or Paris). You can take a taxi (we can hire one for you). It will cost you about 120€ to come to Rambouillet. But most students take the bus Air France (which is not only for their clients) which takes them directly to gare Montparnasse in Paris.Departure every 30 minutes, very easy to find at the airport.There are also underground train called "R.E.R.".

By Train: Departure: Montparnasse station. There are many slow trains (1H with stops in all the stations), access: ground floor of Montparnasse, lines " banlieue"(that means: suburbs). You'd better ask for the semi-direct ones (30 ' with only 1 stop in Versailles): they are usually signposted as trains for CHARTRES or LE MANS (main cities after Rambouillet):lines "grandes lignes" . The fare is the same: one way= 6.50€. (5.20€ if you directly buy 10 tickets) Sunday : departures (semi-directs) at 9:26, 11:14, 12:59, 14:30, 16:30, 17:24, 18:00 ,18:30, 20:30, 21:34, 22:34 (arrival 30' later)


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