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Learn French in France

Institut International de Rambouillet
French language school near Paris, France


levieuxmoulin (12692 bytes)In the heart of a magnificent forest and only 34 miles SW of Paris you can learn and live French from one week up to many months in one of the best French language schools in France and at one of the most reasonable and affordable prices in the country.

The quiet, small and lovely town of Rambouillet (actually easy to pronounce: "Ram" "Boo" "Yay"), is home to Institut International de Rambouillet, a recognized French language school offering intensive French courses with full board and accommodation in the institute's own campus.

The Institut offers intensive program of 20 or 30 hours a week, bord and lodging inside an old castle’s wonderful park,   monthly excursions, and the opportunity to combine your French program with a program aiming at discovering and enjoying the French culture.

rambouillet-loc.jpg (15574 bytes)Rambouillet is a small, very pleasant city, well known for its château (castle), acquired by Louis XVI in 1783 and the summer residence of the French president since 1959.

The school has a wonderful campus located in the center of Rambouillet. Just 10 minutes walking distance from the station, from the main street with its cinemas, from Carrefour, a large supermarket, or from the swimming pool. This place is called "le vieux moulin", as there was an "old mill" here, till the end of 19th century.

vieuxmoulin2.jpg (58303 bytes)In the campus, students can use the facilities of 3 residences "Annexe Château", "Petite Annexe" and "Grande Annexe" ,with single and double rooms.

The main old building ,"le Château" is devoted to laboratory and classrooms, upstairs; TV room, cafeteria, piano, laundry (washing and drying machines) downstairs. Students can also use the restaurant ,the internet room (20 computers) , a table-tennis room, disco, and outdoor sports (tennis, volley ball, soccer, etc.).


Institut International de Rambouillet

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