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German Language Courses in Austria


German Language School in Vienna, Austria


Since opening in 1988, ActiLingua has become a language school with a successful range of courses.  It offers small groups, with maximum 12 participants per class in standard courses and 8 in intensive courses.   There are 2 teachers (standard course) or 3 teachers (intensive course) per class to ensure varied teaching methods. Besides, the school has special courses to suit specific needs or interests, such as Business German, Academic Year and University Preparation, German and Wintersports, German and Music, etc.  Courses start all Mondays, beginners once a month.

The ActiLingua Academy is perfectly situated in the centre of Vienna, Austria. The language school is easily accessible by public transport. Vienna is clean and safe with an excellent public transport network and a moderate price level.

The basic programme provides intensive coaching in grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. Reading and listening comprehension, as well as written exercises, are important components of the courses. ActiLingua believes it is important to vary teaching methods in German courses as much as possible. Since every group is different, teachers take an individual approach to each group and flexibly adapt their teaching methods to students' respective learning needs.

To broaden the students' Austrian horizons, the school also organizes trips at cost price to places in the environs of Vienna and further afield. For instance, they can join on a trip to Salzburg, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Graz, the "green heart of Austria" , Budapest, the capital city of Hungary , medieval Klosterneuburg or the famous Wachau region in the Danube valley.


ActiLingua Academy
Wattmanngasse 15
A-1130 Vienna, Austria
Fax: ++43 1 877 67 03
Telefon: ++43 1 877 67 01

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