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Italian Language Courses in Italy

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L'Italiano Porticando
lip1.jpg (27557 bytes)L’Italiano Porticando is a school specialized in Italian language and culture located in the centre of Turin. The school offers language courses for all levels, starting from 1 week. Apart from the traditional language courses the school offers a wide range of courses with special topics, cultural courses, workshops on wine, cuisine and chocolate etc.

Situated in one of Turin's most elegant areas just a short walk from the Polytechnic, CiaoItaly specialises in teaching the Italian language and culture to students from all over the world. CiaoItaly is affiliated to ASILS, Eduitalia, AIL and recognised by the German Bildungsurlaub and CSN Lund-Sweden.
Comitato Linguistico
COMITATO.GIF (714 bytes)
LINGUISTICO is located in the historical city center of Perugia in  modern panoramic facilities with air conditioning and free internet access. It is certified by the ASILS and offers flexible, good value
courses all year round. Classes have an average of 7 participants.  Accommodation is arranged upon request.


La Lingua La Vita
ebaea150-6.jpg (25043 bytes)La Lingua La Vita is located in Todi, a very charming small medieval town in Umbria, called “The Green Heart of Italy”. Ideally situated between Rome and Florence and thanks to its beautiful panoramic surroundings, rich in art, architecture and natural beauty, Todi is the perfect location to have a cultural experience while learning the Italian language.
Dialogo Language Services
ebaea107-1.jpg (2888 bytes)DiÓlogo+ offers its own exclusive method of teaching, based on small groups. Each student is encouraged to converse, simulate everyday situations, express and understand ideas and opinions in a pleasant and stimulating environment. The team is formed by qualified, skilful mother-tongue teachers including the director.
Institute Tiberius International
ebaea206-1.jpg (28679 bytes)In the heart of Italy, the Institute Tiberius International welcomes students from all parts of the world and of any age. You can start your course every Monday, and choose from a very diverse educational offer: Italian language courses, special courses such as opera and pop, Italian cuisine, history, economics, law, update for teachers of Italian, etc..

Nel Blu
ebaea155-1b.jpg (3098 bytes)Nel Blu is located in the historical town centre of Chiavari, in the region of Liguria with its unique and evocative landscape created by the fusion of land and sea. The school is modern and welcoming, and is situated just a few minutes from the beach. It is open all year round and organises group and individual courses for all levels

Cinque Terre
Scuola I like it
ebaea207-6.jpg (41680 bytes)I like it is an Italian language school situated in the centre of Olbia, in the north of Sardinia. I like it is a perfect opportunity to combine language study with relaxation, enjoying the Sardinian beaches and discovering its wonderful scenery and taste the simple and genuine flavours of its traditional cooking.

Scuola Virgilio
ebaea161-1.jpg (6507 bytes)Scuola Virgilio offers a mix of intensive Italian language classes with Italian culture courses (Italian cinema, cooking, history of Italy...), outdoor activities and pure fun in Trapani, a city with great weather conditions, delicious food, a rich season of theatre and music shows, and a cristal-clear sea.

ebaea165-1.jpg (15837 bytes)Established in 1988 (ELLCI, Ente Lombardo Lingua et Cultura Italiana) is one of the most prestigious Italian language and culture schools in Italy for foreigners from all over the world.
The school is recognised by the Italian Department of Education and endorsed by the Italian Cultural Institutes and by the Italian Department for Foreign Affairs.
International House Milano
ebaea200-1c.jpg (1422 bytes)International House Milano was founded in 1982, with the objective to meet the language learning needs of every kind of student, providing the highest standards of tuition in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.
The school occupies the 5th floor of Torre Velasca (Piazza Velasca n.5), one of the most important symbols of Milan, close to the Duomo Cathedral.
Lucca Italian School
ebaea192-1b.jpg (3798 bytes)Established in a city big enough to satisfy cultural and shopping needs, but small enough to retain the authentic Italian spirit of life, Lucca Italian School not only offers effective courses of general Italian, but also personal solutions to meet the needs of the student, from active lessons to rewarding social experiences.
ebaea166-3.jpg (2580 bytes)Founded in 1982, Italiamo guarantees the possibility of learning current, commercial, technical, artistic and specialized Italian terms. On the predetermined dates students can take the examinations organised by the The University for Foreigners of Siena to receive C.I.L.S and DITALS certifications.
Livorno & other locations
Pixel School. Based in Florence, organises Customised Italian Language and Culture Courses for individuals or small groups. Methodologies and contents are completely personalised to respond to each student's needs. Pixel School is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education.

Club Italiano Dante Alighieri
Club Italiano Dante Alighieri Roma, founded by experienced teachers in 1966, is a centre specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners. The school, located in a very linked area of Rome, is open all year round and offers different types of courses for all levels from beginner to advanced.
Domus Aurea
domus.gif (2867 bytes)The school offers at the same time professional teaching and holiday, and the opportunity to start the course visiting another town, Lecce. Any student who wants to carry on the course without chanching the way of teaching from Lecce to Rome can choose a combined course.

Lingua Madre
ebaea191-1c.jpg (2391 bytes)The cultural and linguistic association Lingua Madre is devoted to promote the Italian culture and the knowledge of European languages. It offers Italian language courses for individuals, groups and for those who are interested in applying for CILS and CELI certificates, as well as intensive courses in specialized fields.
Il Sasso
ilsasso.jpg (2457 bytes)
During  28 years Il Sasso has offered Italian language courses and culture courses such as art history, wine, literature, history, Italian for special purposes, preparation for CELI and CILS certificates. The school is open all year round both for group and individual teaching.

apulia-2.jpg (1994 bytes)Apulia is an Italian Language and Culture School for foreigners located in Lecce, Puglia, in the heart of Salento. It is open all year and offers a wide rage of courses and accommodation, including General Italian, Italian Culture and History of Art, preparation courses for CILS/CELI/IT exams and combination with courses in Rome.
Istituto Dante Alighieri
dante.gif (1809 bytes)Istituto Dante Alighieri offers high quality Italian language courses for foreign students. It is situated in the heart of the capital, its backdrop the Vatican City and the majestic St. Peter's Basilica, easily accessible by subway, and other means of public transport

Accademia Europea di Firenze
ebaea176-1c.jpg (2107 bytes)The school participates actively in the city's varied cultural activities, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the students. It is situated right in the heart of historic Florence, minutes away from the Cathedral, very close to the train station, the Piazza Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and other historic places of the city.

CLIC School
ebaea188-1.gif (2917 bytes)Since 1987, Centro Lingua Italiana Calvino has been offering Italian courses for international students in Florence, throughout the year. CLIC also offers residential Summer courses in Calabria, in the south of Italy.  It is situated in Capo Vaticano, a steep foothill, a few kilometres south of the medieval town of Tropea.
Santa Domenica di Ricadi
KoinŔ Center
KOINE.JPG (1437 bytes)The KoinŔ Center is headquartered in the historic center of Florence, between Piazza Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce.  Classes are held in Palazzo Borghese, a Renaissance palace completely rebuilt in the 19th century in the neoclassical style by Prince Borghese.

Scuola Tricolore
tricolorelogo.gif (4931 bytes)Scuola Tricolore is located in the heart of Genoa, which is situated at the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich cultural history. Besides all types of Italian languages courses, Scuola Tricolore offers many additional activities, excursions and courses; like sailing, painting, dinners, aperitivo, wine tasting. Studying at Scuola Tricolore is about studying Italian with lots of fun!



Il Centro
Italian language school with more than 20 years of experience in organizing Italian language courses for foreigners.
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci offers a variety of high quality Italian language courses...
Language.it is a school of Italian language and culture in Milan. It is located in the heart of the city.
L'Orlando Curioso
Italian language school located in one of the most beautiful Milan's central areas...
Academia di Italiano
Italian language school founded to help foreigners learn Italian in Italy during their stay in Milan.
International School of Languages
The International Language School (I.L.S.) has been operating  since 1976...
The Italian Way is a program run by an Italian family who will get you involved in the real Italian way of life.
Centro Diffusione lingue
Centro Diffusione Lingue organises individual lessons or lessons for small groups (two or three students)...
LINGUA IT is an Italian language school that specialises in teaching Italian to foreigners...
InClasse, located in the historical centre of Verona, offers a modern, efficient and dynamic school...
The staff of ALBA language school has been satisfying companies and private clients in Greater Verona...
Il Faro
Located in the historic center of Caorle, a picturesque fishermen town very close to Venice..
Istituto Venezia
For many years, Istituto Venezia has been promoting and supporting the teaching of Italian language...

Idea Verona
Founded in 1998, the school is devoted to the study of Italian language and culture...
Bertrand Russell
The Institute Bertrand Russell offers courses at all levels and for varying lengths of time...
Istituto Venezia
For many years, Istituto Venezia has been promoting and supporting the teaching of Italian language...

EuroStudi Veneto
Founded in 1991, the school is located in a charming town rich in history, art and culture...
Feltre (Belluno)
Scuola Insieme
Scuola Insieme offers immersion courses each Summer in Italian language (all levels) and culture...
Italiano Espresso
Italiano Espresso offers Italian courses at all levels, study-holiday and personalized courses...

Scuola Verde L'Olmo
The school was founded in 1989 in cooperation with the community of Portico di Romagna as the "Centro Culturale di Lingua Italiana"...

Lingueper offers Italian courses in a charming little town of 10.000 inhabitants, rich in art and history.
Cividale (Udine)
Istituto Dante Alighieri of Rimini
Founded in 1923, the institute organizes individual and group courses -3/6 students- intensive and combined.
Rimini Academy
Rimini Academy is a very dinamic school in beautiful Emilia Romagna, in the heart of the historical centre of Rimini.
Scuola Palazzo Malvisi
Scuola Palazzo Malvisi offers Italian language courses in two different locations...
Bagno di Romagna
Romanica is the ideal place to begin or continue your study of Italian and to use the language as an entryway...

I Malatesta
I Malatesta offers Italian Language courses to students over 14 years of age from all over the world.
Bolognalingua is a small association of experienced teachers who organize one-on-one Italian courses...

Cultura Italiana
Cultura Italiana offers Italian language courses to adult learners, in three different locations...
Italianoit offers Italian courses for all levels, regular and special courses in individual sessions...
Madrelingua has professional teachers,  competitive prices and excellent facilities...
Reggio Lingua
A school with a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, ideal for learning Italian in a relaxed and fun way.
Reggio nell'Emilia
Scuola Dante Alghieri Camerino
Located in the old town center of the Medieval city of Camerino. The school has a long-time experience in teaching Italian language and culture.
Italian Homestay
Italian Language Teacher Luisa Golino offers a Homestay learning experience in a historical and lively city.

Reggio Emilia
Scuola Italia
Scuola Italia has comfortable facilities including a library, a reading room and a TV room...

Urbania & Piobbico
Accademia Italiana
Accademia Italiana offers Italian courses in a
peaceful provincial town located midway between the sea and rolling hills
Ascoli Piceno
Centro Culturale Conero
Centro Culturale Conero is located in the center of a lovely small town with a rich historical background...
Centro Giacomo Leopardi
Located in the Belforte Castle, Giacomo Leopardi Center offers Italian language and culture courses all year round.
Belforte all’Isauro
Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo
Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo has two locations: one in Pisa and another one in Viareggio.

Pisa & Viareggio
Centro Studi Italiano
From 1986, the centre has been an   educational center for international students and Italian citizens...
LinguaNova is a small school, where students learn the language in a pleasant, familiar atmosphere...
Italian language and cultural courses in the beautiful city of Orbetello in Tuscany...

Atrium's teaching methodology is based on the "Whole Language" system...
C.C.I.C. "Piero della Francesca"
CCIC It was founded in 1980 by a group of teachers in collaboration with Poppi's municipal administration.

Poppi - Arezzo
ABC organizes Italian Language Courses  from May to October,in the tranquil complex of Villa...
Elba - Livorno
olmaia Tuscany Society is a small group of Italians who live in the heart of Tuscany...
San Miniato- Pisa
Polymnia organises two, three and four week Italian courses in Cortona with morning language lessons and...
Cortona - Arezzo
Scuola Camprena
talian courses are offered in the light and airy rooms of a small manor house on an Etruscan settlement...
Pienza - Siena
Learn Italian in small groups or in tailor-made individual lessons with a friendly team of experienced teachers.
Cultura Italiana
Cultura Italiana offers Italian language courses to adult learners, in three different locations...
Arezzo & Manciano-Maremma
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci offers a variety of high quality Italian language courses...
Il Sillabo
Il Sillabo is housed in Palazzo Salviati (also called "Palazzaccio") located in the historical centre of San Giovanni
San Giovanni
Saena Iulia
Saena Iulia was founded in 1992 by a group of teachers, a small school with a pleasant atmosphere...
European School
The school is located within the walls of Lucca, a little Tuscan city. The school was founded in 1963...
UniversitÓ per stranieri di Siena
Among the numerous courses offered are those in Italian language and culture and professional courses...
Italian language and culture school established with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Castagneto Carducci...
elle::due specializes in one-to-one tuition in various locations on the hills surrounding Florence and in Tuscany...

ABC Schoolguia5.gif (844 bytes)
Located in the heart of Florence, ABC School has been teaching Italian Language and Culture to students from all over the world since 1982

The school offers individual and group courses of Italian language as well as cultural lessons...

Istituto Il David
The school, which owes its name to Michelangelo's famous sculpture, was set up in 1983 and it is open all year... round.

Centro Fiorenza
Located right in the centre of the historic city, in a prestigious seventeenth century palace...

Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici
Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici offers Italian language courses in three different locations...
Since 1976, Linguaviva offers the opportunity to learn Italian language and to know the Italian culture.
Il Globo is an Italian Language and Culture Centre with warm environment and a familiar atmosphere.

Istituto Galilei
Institute Galilei offers
customized full immersion programs for professionals, students and...

Eurocentres Firenze
This school offers innovative course programmes, careful selection and regular checks of host families...

Spirito Italiano
Spirito Italiano was originally founded in 1998, with the goal of spreading Italian language and culture...

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci offers a variety of high quality Italian language courses...

Centro Machiavelli
Centro Machiavelli was founded in 1978 and offers Italian language courses in the historic centre...
NECA Florence
NECA was founded to offer university students a quality study abroad program in Italy...
Centro Italiano Firenze
The school is located in a historic building, surrounded by little shops, theatres and artisan's workshops...

Learn Italian in small groups or in tailor-made individual lessons with a friendly team of experienced teachers.

Since 1992 EUROPASS has offered a wide choice of Italian language courses in the heart of Florence.

Scuola Toscana
Scuola Toscana offers Italian courses to foreign students from all over the world, in the heart of the city...
Accademia Lingua Italiana Assisi
The Accademia is situated in the historic heart of the town centre, in the vicinity of the Basilica of St. Francis...

Assisi (Perugia)
Istituto Europeo
This is a cultural centre that offers the opportunity to learn about Italian history, art, literature, music, etc.

Lingua Si
Lingua Si offers a broad programme on diverse aspects of Italian language & culture, including special courses...
University for Foreigners Perugia
The University for Foreigners Perugia is the oldest Italian institution involved in teaching and research activities...

DialoguE offers Italian residential programmes in a peaceful environment for your complete immersion...
La Lingua La Vita
La Lingua La Vita is an innovative and highly successful program for learning Italian language and culture.
Todi & Perugia
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci offers a variety of high quality Italian language courses...

Lingua in Corso
Small language school which offers personalized courses, a welcoming and confortable atmosphere and...
It Club
It Club can be found in the prestigious Palazzo Doria Pamphili, just a stone’s throw from Piazza Venezia...

Ciao Italiaguia5.gif (844 bytes)
Founded in 1996 by graduate teachers specialized in teaching Italian, Ciao Italia is a small-sized school...

The school - centrally located- offers a wide variety of courses: long term and short term programs...

Percorsi d'Italiano
A school for those who need to learn Italian through a tailor-made training programme...

Est Ovest
Est Ovest is a small, welcoming school that adapts with ease to the needs of each and every student...

Torre di Babele
Torre di Babele is located in an central neighborhood, near La Sapienza University and the main railway station

Otranto Nel Mondo
The school overlooks the sea and it is not more than 5 minutes’ walk from the town center and 100 metres from the beach.
Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici
Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici offers Italian language courses in three different locations...

Founded in 2003, ILS is located in a nice residential district, very close to the sea and just 5 minutes away from the city centre...
Porta D'Oriente
This Italian language school for foreigners, offers Italian language courses at every level...

Centro Italiano
The school is in the heart of the historical centre of Naples, in the university area.
Italiahomestay offers you the opportunity to study Italian with a DITALS certified teacher...
De Rada Italian Institute
De Rada Italian Institute is a non-profit educational institute promoting the general diffusion of culture...
S. Demetrio Corone
Saint'Anna Institute Sorrento Lingue
The school offers group, individual, and other custom-tailored programs for students with more specific needs.
Sorrento (Naples)
Piccola UniversitÓ Italiana
Language holidays in Italy at the Piccola UniversitÓ Italiana are a wonderful combination of relaxation...
Nausicaa offers Italian language courses in close proximity to a sea promenade and several fine beaches.
Pizzo Calabro
Ibla! Italian-Language-School offers the possibility to choose the most suitable course for the student...
Scuola Mater
Mater is a small school offering a quality language and cultural program and a broad spectrum of services.
Halisa Club
Halisa Club specializes in Italian language and culture courses outdoors...
Solemar- Sicilia
Solemar offers the students a combination of  holiday by the sea with the study of the Italian language...
Federico II
Located in Catania, the school is in a region full of history, culture and traditions...
IH Palermo
The International House Language Centre in Palermo, established in 1975...
Babilonia is the oldest Italian language school in Sicily and it is accredited by ASILS and IALC.
Scuola Ulisse
Established in 1998, Scuola Ulisse offers courses for students at all levels, from beginners to more advanced
Conversation courses, addressed to all the "inquisitive” travellers who want to combine a vacation with knowledge...
LaboLing offers you the opportunity to discover the artistic and cultural heritage of Sicily...
Amalelingue guia5.gif (844 bytes)
A stylish school in stylish premises, Amalelingue is based in via San Lorenzo...
Come mai?
The school has spacious comfortable classrooms with modern resources and the materials needed...
Giacomo Puccini Centre
Centro Culturale Giacomo Puccini offers Italian language courses for foreigners since 1988.
Italiano in Riviera
"Italiano in Riviera" offers small classes, nice and enthusiast teachers, simple and effective teaching methods.
Pintadera is a small Italian language school located in a quiet and picturesque alley of an old town.
At ISDRI, classes are held from Monday to Friday in an elegant student hostel, situated close to the sea.
Studitalia is a small school of Italian language offering small group courses in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
inlingua Alghero
arn Italian while sampling the culture, the cuisine, the history and the art or just simply relax on the beach...
A Door to Italyguia5.gif (844 bytes)
Located in the heart of Genoa, in the Liguria region, close to Portofino and Cinque Terre...
The school offers Italian as a foreign language as well as several cultural events.

L'Accademia is located in a town  where history and  modernity are perfectly combined together.


Schools by regions:

Lombardy: Italian courses in Milan ...
Piedmont Italian courses in Turin ...
Veneto:  Italian courses  in Verona, Padua, Venice ...
Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Italian courses  in  Grado , Udine and Trieste

Liguria: Italian courses  in Genoa,  San Remo and Imperia

Emilia Romagna: Italian in Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Forli, Modena
Marches:  Italian courses in Urbania, Ascoli Piceno and Camerano
Tuscany: Italian courses in Pisa, Livorno, Siena, Lucca, Arezzo, Grosseto...
Florence (Tuscany): Italian courses  in Florence, capital of Tuscany.
Umbria: Italian courses  in Perugia, Orvieto ...
Latium (Rome): Italian courses  in Rome, capital of Italy.
Apulia: Italian courses  in Lecce, Otranto
Campania: Italian courses in Naples
Calabria:  Italian courses in Tropea, Pizzo Calabro
Basilicata:  Italian courses in Matera
Sicily: Italian courses in Sicily
Sardinia: Italian courses in Sardinia

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