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Learn Italian in Italy

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Italian Language School in Sanremo, Imperia - Liguria, Italy

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ebaea105-14.jpg (3298 bytes)"Learning Italian at OMNILINGUA provides professional language and cultural studies in the perfect Italian environment; sole, mare and la dolce vita.
Join us at our school for the complete Italian experience - learn the language while sampling the culture, the cuisine, the history and the art or just simply relax on the beach with a gelato."

Daniel Pietzner (Director of Ominilingua)

The School Location-
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Location and Facilities

OMNILINGUA is situated in the famous resort town of Sanremo. The school is located close to the historical part of town and just a few steps away from the beach. The school building, Casa Valdese, has a long literary and academic tradition dating back to the 1940's when Italo Calvino, the renowned Italian author studied here. Following in his footsteps, OMNILINGUA's objective is to offer high quality, stimulating Italian language lessons in a warm and friendly environment.

Sanremo - Italy's famous resort town is surrounded by an enchanting landscape of rock cliffs and the beautiful blue Ligurian Sea. Sanremo is situated on the western end of the Ligurian Riviera, which stretches right along the coast from Cinque Terre and Portofino as far as Monte Carlo on the Côte d'Azur, (55 kms from Nice Airport in France).

Commonly known as "La Citt? della Pace" (Town of Peace) or the "Town of Flowers", Sanremo was recently appointed home for the world association of the "Nobel Peace Prize". Its lively centre is characterised by the famous "Ariston Theatre" wide promenades of palms, elegant boutiques, and typical Italian markets. The beautiful historical centre of Sanremo is a perfect example of late-medieval Italian architecture.

A wide variety of artistic, cultural, sporting and social events along with year-round mild weather help to make Sanremo an attractive and fun-filled holiday paradise throughout the year. Sanremo is the capital town of the "Riviera of Flowers" and is famous for its flower growing industry; millions of flowers are exported per year to the rest of the world. Sanremo has a population of roughly 60,000 inhabitants characterised by a warm, open-minded, helpful mentality.

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