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Learn Italian in Italy

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Italian Language School in Sanremo, Imperia - Liguria, Italy

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ebaea105-14.jpg (3298 bytes)"Learning Italian at OMNILINGUA provides professional language and cultural studies in the perfect Italian environment; sole, mare and la dolce vita.
Join us at our school for the complete Italian experience - learn the language while sampling the culture, the cuisine, the history and the art or just simply relax on the beach with a gelato."

Daniel Pietzner (Director of Ominilingua)

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ebaea105-17.jpg (6517 bytes)“Small”, “friendly” and “supportive” are the words which best describe the Omnilingua language school. The lessons take place in small groups of no more than 9 and the teachers are enthusiastic and very helpful. There is a full social programme with every effort being made to make newcomer’s welcome and to help then to get to know other students. All in all it’s a great plane to study and at the same to enjoy yourself!

Owen Lomas




ebaea105-18.jpg (6704 bytes)Omnilingua offers studying the Italian language in a friendly environnement combined with Ligurian sunshine and sea. The language school has small groups, the teachers are enthusiastic and provide well-structured and interesting lessons. The school also has an excellent support team who gives help and advice with just about anything! In the evening there is always something interesting, to do either visiting, the lively historic town and its bard and restaurants or participating in the excellent social and culinary programme offered by Omnilingua. Sanremo is a particularly good choice, because unlike Rome or Milan all the shops and restaurants are open!

Jostock Christa




ebaea105-16.jpg (5257 bytes)Omnilingua has been such a great experience for me. They were so great in answering all my questions over email before I came. Once I arrived I found the school to be organized and so helpful to make each student was really enjoying their study.

The teachers are fantastic, they really make sure you are understanding everything.

All of the other students have been so much fun as well. Sanremo is beautiful. The perfect town to learn Italian.

De Francis Amber



ebaea105-15.jpg (6475 bytes)Sun, sand, sea…and study? They’re all possible at Omnilingua. The secretary is also very nice.

Huber Bený








OMNILINGUA is recognised by A.S.I.L.S. (Association of Italian schools as a second language) and has received "Excellence Awards" for outstanding customer services.

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