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Est Ovest
Italian Language School in Rome, Italy


Est Ovest is a small, welcoming school that adapts with ease to the needs of each and every student. It is located in Rome, the capital of Italy and, in a 19th century building in the heart of the city, just a stone's throw from the Roman Forum and the Coliseum, easily reachable using the underground and other means of public transport. Students have free access to the Internet and may watch Italian films on video or practice using audiocassettes. They also have access to the small library, which boasts a well-stocked section featuring the most important authors of the twentieth century; poets, classics and essays, where both books and films can be taken out on loan.

Est Ovest offers different types of Italian courses: there are Intensive Italian courses, Extensive Italian courses (specially for those who live or study in Rome) and Special courses.  Courses are organized in very small groups (max. 5 students per class), at all levels (from beginner to advanced), but there is individual tuition avalaible too. Students may combine their group lessons with extra individual sessions, upon request. Est Ovest's teaching method includes a balanced integration of the communicative and grammatical approaches.  Special courses include: 5 in 1program (which combines language instruction with an Italian culture approach, from music and art to Italian cuisine), Italian and Art, Italian and Literature, etc.

Est Ovest can help its students to arrange accommodation in Rome for the period of their stay. There are different options available: from youth hostel or hotel to rooms in private flats.  All the rooms are situated near to city center, not more than 30 minutes from the school.

The school proposes a number of ideas to help them organise their free time in the most efficient and fun way. It also organises guided visits to places of artistic interest and trips out of town, evenings at the cinema, theatre and opera. There are group dinners in restaurants and, being Summer, the traditional Rome by Night walk is a must. These activities, linguistically accessible to students of various levels, are naturally optional and are designed for small groups.


Est Ovest
Via Nazionale 230

00184 Roma
Tel  +39 06 48930255
Fax: + 39 06 48906706

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