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Italian Language School in Orbetello - Tuscany, Italy


ebaea124-4.JPG (51433 bytes)The Italian language center Terramare is specialized in teaching Italian language and culture to students from all over the world for more than 20 years. The school is located in the seaside town Orbetello in Tuscany, a place surrounded by natural reserves. The school team is highly motivated to offer not just language courses but to enable the students to experience the Italian life and culture; therefore the lessons in small groups of not more than 2-6 students are not limited to the classroom but enriched by many activities that take place in the afternoon. For those with special interests the school offers courses of language and sport, architecture, cuisine or culture. University students also have the possibility to take courses that can be accumulated for university credits recognized by basically all universities worldwide. It is the close contact with the life in town and the strong focus on communication and interaction small groups that enable the participants to make fast progress by combining the language learnt in class with the practical use in everyday life.

The school is open all year round. It is possible to enroll at any time and choose a course specially tailored to your requirements, answering to any need of studying, working, way of life and leisure time and suited to any level.  

Apart from group courses and individual lessons, the school offers courses for students with special interests, such as:   Individual course and C.I.L.S. exam;    full immersion tutor course; language, nature and sport; language, Mediterranean cuisine and the wine trail; language, art and archaeology; travel experiences to learn Italian; Italian and yoga.

ebaea124-3.jpg (58803 bytes)The communicative approach is based on interactive activities in the classroom and group activities outside with many cultural trips to a variety of local places of archaeological, artistic and historical interest.

Exposure to every day real Italian also helps students to develop a natural ear for the language in a variety of authentic communicative situations.

Classes are always small with a maximum of 6 students and courses are offered in six levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

In the morning there are general language lessons with activities to encourage the practical application of the language and the analysis of form and structure with the aim of fully involving each student in their own linguistic process. In the afternoon the numerous cultural activities and excursions take place.


Via Roma 42
I - 58015 Orbetello (GR)
Tuscany, Italy
Tel.: +39-(0)564-850007

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