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Italian Language School in Todi & Perugia - Umbria, Italy


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La Lingua La Vita is located in Todi, a very charming small medieval town in Umbria, called “The Green Heart of Italy”. Ideally situated between Rome and Florence and thanks to its beautiful panoramic surroundings, rich in art, architecture and natural beauty, Todi is the perfect location to have a cultural experience while learning the Italian language.

We believe that language is an expression of people and their culture, and our courses integrate language with many aspects of Italian life and traditions including painting and architecture, opera, cinema, literature, wine and food, ceramics and crafts.

Our Italian courses are taught in a unique manner so that you can improve your Italian language skills while experiencing daily life in an enriching and rewarding way. You have the opportunity to put Italian into practice daily by participating in a variety of cultural activities and excursions, and by socializing with our friendly local community.

La Lingua La Vita has been operating since 1988. From the beginning of its history, our institute has based its teaching philosophy on the concept that the student is the focal point, recalling the theories of American psychologist Carl Rogers (1902-1987), founder of the humanistic “human-centered approach”. We utilize the “communicative method” in teaching while customizing each course to the individual needs of our students. We cater for students of all ages and competencies and we personalize our training courses with new learning techniques aimed at achieving our students’ specific language goals for both social and or professional purposes. Using this approach, participants learn how to communicate effectively in a variety of everyday situations.

The program is very flexible, participants can choose the duration of the course, ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks depending on the their specific requirements. Language classes take place in the morning while afternoons are reserved for cultural activities.

Class lessons are just a portion of this path to language and culture which are amplified by traditional and cultural activities including guided visits to places of interest rich in art history in Umbria, cooking classes, wine tasting and also unique experiences like “aperitivi” chatting in the piazza cafè. These conversations will be supervised by language professionals selected by the school so that the students can have real Italian experiences and learn while having fun.

Accommodation in central Todi is provided as part of the program. Students can choose to stay in renovated apartments or, for even deeper immersion with the local culture, can choose to stay with Italian families in either full or half-board arrangements.

We pride ourselves on using innovative techniques and inspiring learning, teaching and assessment techniques, and this has been a key feature in attracting students from all around the world and seeing them return from year to year.



La Lingua La Vita
Address:(Via Mazzini, 18 - 06059 Todi Italy)
Phone: +39 0758948364
e-mail: carla.nulli@lalingualavita.com

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