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Learn Italian in Italy

inlingua Alghero

Italian Language School in Sardinia, Italy


"inlingua Alghero aims to keep the “holiday” in “holiday study”, so that your Italian language lessons are part of the fun while you learn. “Holiday students” are therefore encouraged to participate actively in the lesson and in their learning, with an emphasis on speaking in Italian straight away!"
Sean Cook  (Director of inlingua Alghero)

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ebaea164-2.jpg (7444 bytes)inlingua Alghero is a school specialized in Italian language and culture. The wide range of courses offered by inlingua Alghero is tailor-made to your needs and guarantees the ideal balance between the rigors of study, flexibility of schedule and the relaxation of a holiday.

You will be welcomed and helped along by a friendly and knowledgeable staff and will benefit from effective inlingua lessons that get you speaking Italian immediately without lots of long and pointless grammatical explanations. The lessons are held conveniently close to the beach in cool air-conditioned rooms and as a student at inlingua Alghero you’ll be guaranteed 1-hour-per-day access to the WI-FI connected computer lab so you can communicate with friends and family.

While at inlingua Alghero, you may elect to participate in school-organised excursions and outings or special courses on Italian cuisine or modern Italian culture. The accommodations office will make sure that you get the lodging you require – everything from family stay to B & B.

And when you finish your course and go back home, you will receive one-month’s free access to the inlingua Online Learning program. That way you’ll be able to correspond with your Italian trainer, have your writing samples corrected and continue doing grammar & vocabulary exercises.



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