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Learn Italian in Italy

inlingua Alghero

Italian Language School in Sardinia, Italy


The School Location-
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Location and Facilities

ebaea164-5.jpg (8070 bytes)The school is located in Alghero, a picturesque seaside town located on the northwestern tip of the island of Sardinia. Though it has undergone numerous cultural influences, Alghero is mainly known for its “Catalan” feel, which is evidenced in its Catalan street names and in the dialect still spoken today by a handful of its inhabitants.

ebaea164-4.jpg (8744 bytes)The school is near the public gardens in an attractive, modern building in the centre with air conditioned rooms, a computer lab with Internet access (each student guaranteed 1 hour’s access per day) and air-conditioning.

As well as being able to study & learn Italian in Alghero, you will have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of leisure-time activities: sunbathing on its beautiful white beaches, snorkeling in its crystal clear waters, mountain-biking along its trails through Mediterranean scrub brush, scuba-diving, hiking, sailing to places accessible only by wind-driven vessels, wine- and food-tasting in its delicious restaurants, strolling along the wide promenade on the “lido mare”, having an aperitif in an outdoor café overlooking the port. Don’t forget that you will have plenty of time for all of these activities while studying Italian!

There are excursions to see the breath-taking sea caves “Grotte di Nettuno,” which are accessible by authorized vessels departing daily from the main port or from “Capo Caccia,” or by a cliff-hanging walk down the breath-taking stairs (only 654 steps!) “Esacala del Cabirol.” There are also numerous points of historical and cultural interest, such as the intriguing ruins left behind by the mysterious Neolithic “Nuraghic” civilization, which you can explore at the “Palmavera” or “Anghelu Ruju” complexes. Equally interesting are the “bastioni”, the high fortified walls dotted with lookout towers that encircle the city’s western waterfront and southern flank

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