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Italian Language School in Lucca - Tuscany, Italy


ebaea192-2.jpg (11230 bytes)Lucca Italian School offers several study abroad programs in Lucca, specially designed to foreign learners who wish to learn the Italian language and live an alternative way to do it. Lucca Italian School believes each student should be able to choose the best method to help him/her deal with the great adventure of learning a new language in adulthood. That's why the school not only offers established and effective courses of general Italian, but also personal solutions to meet the needs of the student. At Lucca Italian School you will find everything you need, from grammar, conversation and specific language areas, to a more “holiday” approach if you choose the course option that includes various outside activities.

ebaea192-6.jpg (10912 bytes)The school is established in Lucca, a city big enough to satisfy cultural and shopping needs, but small enough to retain the authentic spirit of life in Italy. Located just 30 minutes from Pisa, an hour from Florence and a short bus or train ride from the sea, Lucca is an ideal place to study the language and enjoy a rewarding holiday.

Lucca Italian School offers a wide range of Italian language courses, in small groups (max. 8 students) or individual sessions (one-to-one), free Internet access, flexible schedules and plenty of additional cultural activities. Minimum age required is 15 years old. Teachers are native speakers and highly qualified experts in teaching Italian to foreigners with years of experience (three of the staff are also the founders of the school). There are General Italian courses (4 group lessons per day, from Monday to Friday), but you can also take mixed courses (group + individual lessons), one-to-one courses, or special courses such as the Allegro con Brio (4 group lessons per day + music activities 3 times per week), the Practical Italian Course (4 lessons per day outside the classroom), courses for children, courses for families, Business Italian, preparation for CILS, CELI or PLIDA exams, the Italian Countryside Course (3 lessons in a typical holiday farmhouse -agriturismo- or in a country flat, plus cooking lessons), lessons at your place, etc. Courses are taught at all levels (from elementary to advanced) and start every Monday, except on holidays. Each lesson runs for 50 minutes and prices include didactic material.

ebaea192-3.jpg (11534 bytes)Lucca Italian School organizes different types of additional cultural activities, to give the students the opportunity to learn more about Italy and the region of Lucca, to meet new people and to experience an authentic Italian social life. Some cultural activities include excursions in the outskirts of Lucca, participation in cultural events with teachers (theatre, cinemas, concerts, etc.), museum visits, cycling trips in the countryside, city tours, farm and/or mills visits, cooking classes with typical Tuscan recipes, etc.

During your stay at the school, you can choose to live with a host family in Lucca, with your own private room. This way, students have a real Italian experience, living in contact with the Italian habits and speaking the language with their families. If preferred, students can also choose their own living arrangements in Lucca, as the city offers various types of accommodation, including apartments.
If need be, the school is available to provide information on accommodation options.



Lucca Italian School
Via S.Anna 14 - 55100 Lucca (Italia)
Tel: +39.0583.311051

Fax: +39.0583.1642009
E-mail: info@luccaitalianschool.com

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