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Learn Portuguese in Portugal

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Portuguese Language School in
Porto, Portugal


Oficina de Portugues offers Portuguese language courses in Porto, the second largest city of Portugal.  It is located in a renewed building in the most important commercial street in the city, just five minutes away from the subway and ten minutes from the train station.  The school is well equipped with wireless Internet, a library, a self study lounge, reception area with refreshments, and modern classrooms.  All teachers have a degree in language teaching and have received special training at the school.

Oficina de Portugues offers different kinds of Portuguese programmes to best suit their students' needs.   The Standard Portuguese course is taught 4 hours per day, from Monday through Friday, in groups with no more than six participants per class.  The Intensive option allows the student to combine a standard option with one or two more extra private hours.   Other programmes include the City Break programme, a 3 day programme designed for a group of friends or family (up to six people), which combines lessons at school and visits to interesting spots; the Part Time Portuguese programme, designed for people who work or study in Portugal; the Tailor Made Portuguese programme (one to one option) and the Long Distance Portuguese programme, to keep on improving the new language skills after finish the course.

Students may choose to stay with a Portuguese host family, who live within a reasonable distance from the school, or in a hotel room.   Oficina de Portugues may book the hotel for their students or can recommend a few hotels to them.

Oficina de Portugues offers different workshops on Saturdays, focused on topics such as Portuguese Cuisine, Conversation, Writing, Reading, etc. Besides, twice a week, the students may participate in visits to impressive spots in Porto, led by a member of the staff.  These visits and tours are mainly Portuguese spoken, and students are encouraged to apply their Portuguse skills in real situations during these activities.  Also, once or twice a month, a member of the staff will accompany the students to great locations out of Porto during a weekend, and every other Friday, teachers and students enjoy a Portuguese dinner in one of the many restaurants in the city.


Oficina de Portugues
Rua de Sta Catarina, 886 3
4000-446 Porto, Portugal



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