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The Russian Language

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Learn Russian in Russia

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Russian Language School in Moscow, Russia


ebaha104-2.jpg (268686 bytes)Globus Worldwide is a modern language school providing Russian language tuition in Moscow, only 2 stops by Metro from Red Square. Its Russian language courses are suitable for every level of student from basic Russian language to highly advanced. Globus Worldwide Ltd. is a British owned Russian language organisation that has quickly established itself as one of the leading corporate and non-corporate Russian language course training providers in Moscow.

Globus Worldwide offers a vast number of Russian as a Foreign Language courses from which to choose from basic Russian to advanced and there are also specially designed Russian courses for individual needs. Some ot these Russian language courses are: Russian for Expats Course (designed for business executives living in or planning to relocate to Moscow), Corporate / Executive Russian Course, Standard Group Course (minimum of 2 weeks. each participant completes an initial assessment test to determine their current ability and will be placed on a course suitable for their needs), One-to-One Russian Course and more.  The centre also offers a TRKI Exam Course (the course prepares students for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TRKI) state exam).

Globus Worldwide organises accommodation in host families, hotels and apartments of all categories. Many participants prefer to complete their experience of Russia by staying with a host family for the duration of their study. However for individuals who prefer the privacy of shared apartments or hotel accommodation it can also organise suitable accommodation at competitive rates.

New:  Russian for Expats and Corporate Courses now also in St. Petersburg.


Head Office:
Main Street, Blidworth,
Notts NG21 OQH

United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1623 798185
Fax: +44 1623 490206

School in Russia:
metro Chistye Prudy or Turgenevskaya, Myasnitskaya St, 40/6, office 415.
Moscow, Russia
Tel: 621-99-32

Fax: 625-70-92


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