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The Russian Language

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Learn Russian in Russia

Russian Language School in Russia



Welcome to Educacentre Language School! Our school was established in 1989 and over the last 20 years we have built a reputation for providing high quality Russian language courses in Saint Petersburg.

Every year we welcome hundreds of students from over 50 different countries, including Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain.

Our mission is to provide great quality courses of Russian language at affordable prices. Whether you would like to learn Russian for business or for everyday life and communication or just for your own pleasure, we have a course that meets your needs!

When you choose to study at Educacentre, you will be joining our students from all over the world sharing the same desire to learn Russian language in the cultural capital of Russia.

Students start speaking Russian immediately! Each lesson constitutes a complete cycle of learning the language items needed to handle a particular real-life situation in Russian. After each lesson students have at their disposal vocabulary and grammar that they'll need to use in everyday life. The vocabulary and grammar in question is practiced in role-plays under the teachers' control to make sure the new material will be memorised in the appropriate context (including cultural context)

All our courses run all year round, so you can start whenever you would like to.

Why study with us?
-An opportunity to learn Russian in the cultural capital of Russia
-High quality tuition at reasonable prices
-Flexible choice of courses and accommodation
-20 years of excellent teaching experience

Courses we offer:
- Group tuition
- One-to-one tuition
- Combined course
- Full-immersion
- Business Russian
- Professional Russian
- Exam Preparation
-Work Experience

We are happy to provide a wide range of additional services for our students such as visa support service , accommodation in St.Petersburg and airport transfers.


Educacentre Language School
1, Komendantskaya square, shopping mall Atmosphere 6th floor, 197372
Saint Petersburg, Russia
13, 12th Line of Vasilievskiy Island, 199178
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Phone +7 812 676 00 75
Email: studyrussian@ifl.ru



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