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Greek Courses in Greece


Greek language school in Greece


Since 1996, OMILO has been offering Modern Greek courses, in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Courses are offered in three different locations: Athens -intensive courses in March, April and May, and Regular courses and private lessons all year round, except July and August-; Nafplion (Peloponese) in April and August; and Cycladic island of Syros in June, July and September.

OMILO offers 8- and 10-week courses (groups) or intensive 1-or 2-week courses. Both courses cover the same subjects.  Groups are small, with no more than 8 students per class.  Special courses and private intruction are also available any time of the year, except in July and August.  These courses are tailored to suit the student's special interests or needs. Besides, OMILO offers an intensive 24-hours course in April to prepare for the Beta-level and Gamma-level of the offical Certificate of Modern Greek, recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and the Centre for the Greek language. Preparation for this Certificate in every of the 4 levels is also possible by private instruction.

OMILO also aims to bring its students in direct contact with local customs, history and culture through various excursions and activities, including city trips in Athens.   During the intensive courses, participants can take part in different activities (free of charge) during the afternoons. Optional excursions (extra charge) are proposed during the weekend, depending on the location of the course.

Most participants prefer to stay in the same hotel, in order to have more contact with each other. Therefore OMILO suggests some conveniently located hotels in the center of Athens. In case the students prefer to book another hotel, there are plenty of options in Athens, in different locations, neigborhoods and price-categories.


Visiting Address: OMILO
Pan. Tsaldari 13, 151 22 Maroussi (Athens) - GREECE
Postal Address: OMILO
P.O.Box 61070, 15101 Maroussi (Athens) - GREECE
Tel (+ 30 ) 210- 61.22.896 Fax (+ 30 ) 210- 61.22.706

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