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Learn Arabic in Egypt

Drayah Language Center
Arabic language school in Cairo, Egypt


Drayah Language Center offers Arabic language courses to non-Arabic speakers in the center of Cairo. The Center has all the facilities that make learning a really enjoyable experience including computer facilities, air conditioners, O.H.P, etc

Teachers are high quealified in teaching Arabic. In addition to the main teachers, some teaching assistants are hired to help students apply what is covered in class and participate in some other activities with the students. Classes are small, which enables the teachers to give students the individual attention they need.  Class size average is 3-6 students and all classes are air-conditioned.

Drayah offers a wide range of intensive language courses which last from 5 to 20 weeks.  There are Full Time Courses every day from Sunday through Thursday. The lesson is divided into 2 parts and there is a break in the middle. Students study five and a half hours every day. There are part time courses every day from Sunday till Thursday. Each lesson is 2 hours. There are courses in the morning and others in the afternoon and evening. 

Drayah offers Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA), Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Combined Arabic Course (CAC).  According to the serious need for short-period course, Drayah has also tailored an intensive summer/winter course to meet the expectations of the students. These courses are mainly targeted for people who are willing to make a fast improvement in learning Arabic during a short visit or a vacation.  There are also tailor-made courses.  Examples include courses about: Islam, The Middle East (politics, geography, history), Culture of Egypt, Modern History of Egypt, and Customs and traditions in the Middle East.


Drayah Language Center
Dokki branch: 8 Hassan Mohamed Razaz [ Nawal st.] - Dokki
Telephones & Mobile:
(+202)- 3762 11 01 / (+202) 3762 11 02  / (+2010 660 44 66 )

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