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Learn Arabic in United Arab Emirates

Arabic Language Center at the DWTC
Arabic language school in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The Arabic Language Centre, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, offers Arabic courses from beginners to advanced levels. Arabic for Beginners comprises 3 courses of 30 hours each, and covers a variety of topics including the Arabic alphabet, greetings, times, numbers, address, life in the Emirates, telephone conversation, the present/future verb pattern and basic grammatical patterns. Intermediate Arabic consists of 3 courses of 30 hours each, and covers topics including regulations, hospitality, weddings, hotel reservations, entertainment, past tense, imperative and advanced grammatical patterns. Conversational courses are offered after each level to help students acquire confidence and a natural speed in speaking skills.

Public courses are held six times year. Each 30-hour course is held over a period of 7.5 weeks. Classes are held for 2 hours, twice a week, with a choice of 3 separate times offered. Intensive five-week courses are run periodically. Specialist courses are designed to meet the requirements of staff in the hotel, banking, hospital, motor and electronic industries, resorts, and a diverse range of businesses. In-house courses can be tailor-made to meet each company's specific requirements. Private courses offer individual tuition and flexible schedules. Specialist (In-house) & private courses are available in phonetics upon request.


Arabic Language Center at the DWTC
Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hall four, first floor.
P.O.Box 9292 Dubai – UAE
Tel: +971 4 3086036
Fax: +971 4 3314954

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