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Learn Arabic in Morocco

Qalam wa Lawh Center
Arabic language school in Rabat, Morocco


Qalam wa Lawh Center is located in just 10 minutes from downtown Rabat, in the upscale neighborhood of Souissi.  It has a library, language labs, and large comfortable classrooms.  Students enrolled in language courses at Qalam wa Lawh Center have the opportunity to rapidly acquire Arabic through a communicative and immersive curriculum.

There are nine courses offered at three levels (from beginner to advanced) in Modern Standard Arabic and six courses offered at three levels in Colloquial Moroccan Arabic. Each course takes four weeks to complete.  Students may only proceed to the next course after successfully passing the course exam, completing the course project, and demonstrating the communication skills necessary to place in the next level. Class size is restricted to a maximum of eight students. All language courses at Qalam wa Lawh Center adhere to the National Standards set forth by the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) in collaboration with the US Department of Education.

Every course taken at Qalam Center includes two weekly excursions to Rabat’s most famous historic and cultural sites.  These excursions are an integral part of the curriculum and include handouts with relevant vocabulary as well as informative summaries about the sites.  Students are accompanied on these excursions by Arabic instructors, and the excursions are conducted in Arabic in order to further the student’s immersion experience. Besides, Qalam Center Arabic instructors maintain cultural clubs, which are open to all students and take place after class hours. Qalam wa Lawh regularly also organizes guest lectures, round table discussions, musical presentations, special events, and very affordable weekend trips.

There are currently three housing options offered to students at Qalam wa Lawh Center: double occupancy apartments, single occupancy apartments, and host families.


Qalam wa Lawh Center
31, Rue Al Qadi Ben Hamadi Essenhaji
Souissi, Rabat, Morocco
Tel: Morocco: +212 (37) 75-57-90

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