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Learn Arabic in Morocco

Dar Loughat
Arabic language school in Tetouan, Morocco


Dar Loughat is a professional language institution providing intensive Arabic courses and cross-cultural education to international students. Founded in 2004 in the heart of the city of Tetouan in northern Morocco, Dar Loughat has rapidly established a strong and well-respected reputation as a cross-cultural center in the Arab world. It is ideally located in the center of downtown Tetouan, which has been declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. While studying Arabic in Tetouan, students can enjoy the city’s excellent beaches, its evergreen Rif Mountains and its five-century-old Medina.

At Dar Loughat, students benefit from small-sized classes (3- 8 participants per class) and a wide range of excursions and social and cultural activities allowing them to get the most out of their international experience. Language courses are given by multilingual, qualified and experienced teachers, exclusively dedicated to teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. The center offers different courses to meet its students' needs or interests, such as Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Colloquial Moroccan Arabic and Spoken Arabic.  The center also offers the possibility of combining language courses with culture-themed courses such as: An Introduction to Islam, Moroccan History, Sufism in Morocco, Andalusian History, etc.

All classes start every Monday, year round.  Group classes are designed to provide instruction over any duration from one week to a complete academic year. Both MSA and CMA courses consist of three levels of studies; each level is divided into three successive and progressive sublevels. Each sublevel is generally covered in three weeks. Students with prior knowledge of Arabic are expected to take an evaluation test in order to receive proper placement in the program.

Many cultural and immersion activities are provided to complement the language courses students are taking. Such activities include excursions to other traditional cities and villages, group outings, international potlucks, attending music concerts and shows, etc. Regarding housing, students may choose from the these options: a Homestay with a Moroccan family, a hotel room and an apartment.


Dar Loughat
Cross Cultural Language Center

Place Moulay Mehdi 8, Rue M'hammed Benaboud
Tétouan, 93000, Morocco

From an international phone :+212 66 68 77 88
From a local phone :  066 68 77 88
Fax:  +212 (0) 39 71 12 40

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