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Learn Dutch in Holland (The Netherlands)

Elycio Talen
Dutch Language School in The Netherlands (Holland)

Elycio Talen offers language courses that enable foreign learners to communicate in every region of the world, from Arabic to Swedish.    It offers an insight into business cultures, customised language courses, e-learning and blended learning, in a practical manner, focused on the language sector.   Elycio Talen has more than forty years of experience in the provision of language and culture courses.

All Elycio Talen language courses are preceded by a standing, results-oriented intake procedure and design of the course. Subsequent to a comprehensive verbal and written test of the participants' entry level they work through a number of phases focused on the effective development of their language skills.

There are individual courses, in-company courses (practice-oriented courses tailored to a professional situation), and language courses for groups (min. 4, max. 8 students).  These courses, with a content tailored closely to today's requirements imposed on communicative skills, are intended for everyone who regularly maintains personal or business contacts abroad.  The duration of the courses is 10 weeks, with one 2-hour evening lesson a week. The courses are held at Elycio Talen's fixed locations and organised in Dutch and other European languages, for beginners and advanced speakers.  Role-playing and discussions enable students to develop a broad vocabulary, and they become more self-confident when speaking Dutch.

Participants who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of participation.

Elycio Talen
Verrijn Stuartlaan 42C
2288 EM Rijswijk
Tel.: 070 415 3144
Fax: 070 399 4499

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