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Learn Lithuanian in Lithuania


Klaipeda University
Lithuanian Language Summer Courses
Lithuanian Language Courses in Lithuania

Klaipeda University offers a Lithuanian Language course on Summer. Students will have a month of intensive language studies. The classes will be held 4.5 academic hours daily and students will also have tasks for independent homework. Along with the classes, students will practice Lithuanian during the various activities held after classes.  Then, they will acquire basic skills of spoken and written Lithuanian (conversation skills, shopping, traveling, etc.). For beginners, the teachers can explain things in a foreign language (if needed). The language skills acquired will help the participants to live and study in Lithuania. Moreover, they could continue learning Lithuanian and apply it in their further studies or research field.

Students will have enough time for visiting interesting places, walking on the beach, and swimming in the Baltic Sea.  They will certainly like several outdoor classes visiting a café, shop, bus station, sculpture park, etc. Some other classes, like history and ethnic culture of Lithuania, will be included in the course program.   After graduation students will receive the officially recognized certificate of Klaipeda University. Those who successfully pass the examination will get 6 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

Cultural program will include some lectures, excursions in Klaipeda town and some sites out of town. 

Accommodation will be available in a room at the university or by renting a flat.


Klaipeda University
Ms. Jurate Derukaite
Herkaus Manto str. 84, LT 92294 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Phone: (370 46) 398 521 (Lithuanian Language Centre)
/ 398950 (International Office)
Fax: (370 46) 398952

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