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Learn Norwegian in Norway


Norwegian Study Center
Norsk Språkservice (NSS) 
Norwegian Language School in Norway

The Norsk Språkservice (NSS), a Norwegian Translation Services organization, has a Norwegian Study Center in Oslo, capital of Norway. The center offers a wide range of one-to-one beginner-to-advanced Norwegian language lessons and private tuition courses in Norwegian, designed for foreign students of all ages and nationalities. These are especially suitable for those who require a fast-track Norwegian language immersion program for academic or business purposes.

The NSS one-on-one Norwegian language lessons are practical, fun and tailored to the student's special needs. Teachers focus on areas of Norwegian that students most need or want, covering pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing comprehension, vocabulary expansion and conversation practice at all levels. Private tuition courses concentrate on grammar, idioms, sentence structure, as well as oral and written expression. They include current topics that will enable the student to effectively communicate in most everyday environments. Individual attention is given, with courses geared to the exact level of the student. The minimun course duration is 2 weeks and the minimum age of students required is 18 years old. All members of the teaching staff are university trained certified teachers of Norwegian with a minimum of five years of experience in teaching Norwegian to foreigners.

The Norwegian Study Center arranges accommodation for its students on a home-stay basis, normally in the home of their Norwegian tutor.  The center also will book private accommodation in single rooms close to Oslo city center, typically in the apartment of the teacher conducting the language course.


Norwegian Study Center
NSS, Knut Alvssonsvei 9

0574 Oslo, Norway

Tel: ( +47 ) 22 222 773
Fax: ( +47 ) 22 222 779

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