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Learn Swedish in Sweden


Swedish Language School in Sweden

Glossa is a private language school which offers Swedish language courses, in Övre Slottsgatan, right in the heart of Uppsala. The school is within 5 minutes easy walking distance from historical sites such as Gustavianum, Uppsala Castle, the Public Garden, Old University Building, and the Uppsala Cathedral.  The premises are well-adapted to the specific needs of learning a foreign language.

The courses are designed for motivated participants who want to make swift progress.  Teachers focus on practical language usage, which is based on active participation of learners. Glossa offers three-weeks courses, in Summer, which comprises a total of 84 lessons. The maximum number of participants per group will be 14. Courses' fees include: all 84 lessons, all course materials, extra activities (field trips, cultural and social events, etc.), certificate of completion, language test, coffee and cookies.

During students' stay in Uppsala, the school arranges different activities, such as several guided tours in town and trips to Stockholm and Swedish movies. The school also informs daily about interesting events that take place in Uppsala and its surroundings and students have access to the school's own tourist information where they can find ideas about trips to make or activities in the afternoon or evening. 

Glossa's students can also be prepared to take the TISUS (Test i svenska för universitets- och högskolestudier) or the Test in Swedish for University Studies, which is recognised by all the universities in Sweden as a statement of eligibility regarding Swedish language proficiency.

Glossa arranges accommodations (if the student needs it) in single student rooms situated in student dormitory, only while studying at the school.  Glossa also suggests to contact the Tourist Office in Uppsala to find suitable lodging in town or close to it.


(until June 23, 2009)
Grape/ Glossa
35, rue Ludwig van Beethoven
L-1224 Luxembourg

Phone: +352 - 248 735 47

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