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Learn Swedish in Sweden


College Course in Swedish
Swedish Language School in Sweden

The College Course in Swedish is intended for non-Swedish-speaking students who plan to study at Linköping University. It is an intensive, one-year and full-time course, designed to give the general requirements in Swedish and civics for university studies.

For citizens/residents outside EU/EEA there is an introductory course of 7,5 credits, starting at the beginning of August, and it is mandatory. These students will need a residence permit for guest students to pursue studies in Sweden.  When applying for the College Course in Swedish students shall also apply for a full-time programme or single subject course at Linköping University with Swedish as language of instruction.

Non-Swedish-speaking citizens or long-term residents of a Nordic or EU/EAA country who plan to continue their undergraduate education at Linköping University may apply for the first semester of the College Course in Swedish. It is an intensive full-time course. During the first semester students should acquire a basic knowledge of Swedish and develop their language proficiency as well as gaining familiarity with Swedish society and the Swedish educational system. They should acquire a rapidly progressing knowledge of essential basic grammar as well as a functional and relevant vocabulary.
An introductory course of 7,5 credits is mandatory for beginners. The course starts at the beginning of August, autumn semester, or in the beginning of January, spring semester. The final examination of the introductory course is compulsory for all students admitted to the college course and is also an entrance test.

In any case, the College Course in Swedish may not be counted as part of a university degree.


Linköping University

Tel: +46 13 28 10 00
Fax: +46 13 14 94 03

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