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img407.gif (8405 bytes)Fluenz Spanish is an interactive program based on a virtual one-on-one tutoring.

The program has been developed by a group of Harvard and Cornell graduates who are passionate language learners and who felt there had to be a better way to learn a language.  The result of their work is ideal for those who seek common sense explanations, sophisticated workouts that lead to real learning, and who thrive on a great teacher to keep them focused and engaged.

img406.jpg (5839 bytes)On-screen tutor Sonia Gil, a Cornell graduate, guides you throughout the program, blending full motion video explanations in English with a series of highly engaging workouts, helping you to understand and speak Spanish. The Fluenz system follows three clear principles:  1) We learn best when we have a teacher. It's often difficult to motivate yourself to learn on your own. By bringing a tutor to the computer,  all concepts are explained in a sensible way and you don't have to tackle Spanish all by yourself.  2) If you are an English speaker, it's easier and faster to learn Spanish by starting out in English. With Fluenz, every new word and grammar structure is explained in English, from a perspective that will make the most sense to English speakers who are learning Spanish.  3) It's best to learn the most relevant words in Spanish right away. Fluenz Spanish focuses on the vocabulary needed to learn the language in order to use it in practical, real-world travel and business situations.



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