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Italian Language Courses in Italy


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Italian Language School in Rome, Italy


istitutodantealighieri-2.jpg (11843 bytes)The Dante Alighieri Italian language school founded in 1923 has only one objective: to teach and to propagate Italian language and culture throughout the world. Today, the Rome school is situated in the heart of the capital, its backdrop the Vatican City and the majestic St. Peter's Basilica. It is easily accessible by subway (Line A Ottaviano stop), and other means of public transport (St. Peter's railway station). The school offers qualified italian teachers, modern facilities, small groups, cultural events, and a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. It offers as well high quality Italian language courses for foreign students based on a flexible and dynamic method.

istitutodantealighieri-4.jpg (13006 bytes)Dante Alighieri Italian courses fees include a welcome cocktali party, two books and an audio cassette, modern multi media Internet room, a weekly Italian cinema show, international cooking cultural exchanges, free time activities, VISA assistance service and an Italian language certificate at the end of the course (this certificate is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education). During Spring , Summer and Fall Seasons the Dante Alighieri Institute organizes picnics and outings in the most beautiful and historic parks in Rome so the students can learn to appreciate the culture and customs of the Italian people. On Winter the school offers well organized lectures on the History of Films and the History of Italian Art and culture.

There is a wide range of Italian and culture courses for you to choose from. The institute offers standard courses (2-4 weeks/4 lessons per day), usually held in the istitutodantealighieri-3.jpg (7798 bytes)morning, in group sessions of 6 students minimum. Students may add individual lessons in the afternoon (Standard +). There are also evening Italian courses (3 times a week/2 hrs per day), organized in group sessions, aimed at all foreigners who work in Italy and need and extended course. For those who want an study vacation, Dante Alighieri Institute also offers Summer Italian Courses (June, July & August), which are held in the mornings, 4 hourse per day during 3 weeks. It is also possible to book semi-individual lessons (for 2 or 3 students) or just individual lessons (one-to-one). In addition to language courses, the institute also offers special programs to suit specific needs, such as the preparation courses for the CILS and CELI exams, Italian for Children and Italian cooking lessons.

Regarding accommodation, the Istituto Dante Alighieri Rome offers to help its students to find a place to live. The following are possible: Rooms for rent privately -single or double rooms with families or single persons living in Rome-, Bed & Breakfast lodging, and hotel. It is possible to find accommodation near the school in all cases.


Istituto Dante Alighieri
Via Aurelia, 137 - 00165 Roma (Italy)
Tel: +39 0639375966

Fax: +39 0639375804
E- mail:  info@languageinitaly.com

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