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Self-Study Japanese Courses


Japanese BYKI
A Perfect Complement to Learn Japanese

BYKI - What is it?   BYKI = Before You Know It is a smart and personalized language-learning software which allows you to learn everyday words and essential phrases easily, effectively and in a flash.

BYKI lets users see and hear the foreign language with native speaker pronunciation, and then leads them through a proven, proprietary learning process. BYKI monitors the user's responses and constantly adjusts to focus on the unique words and phrases that each user finds more challenging. The result is the fastest possible learning with Perfect Recall.

BYKI also let you learn-on-the-go.   The system supports Pocket PC, Palm PDA, and MP3 audio for iPod and other players

Japanese Before You Know It Deluxe helps beginners and advanced learners to master Japanese with Perfect Recall.  It is the simple and effective way to quickly learn to understand and speak 1,000 common Japanese words and 250 essential phrases.  The software (Mac/Win) teaches everyday words and conversational phrases with advanced pronunciation practice and provides MP3 audio for your iPod or other player.

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Japanese BYKI
Learn Japanese words in a flash.
The complement to your language course.











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