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Learn Greek in Crete, Greece

Lexis Centre
Greek language school in Crete, Greece


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lexis3.jpg (23442 bytes)Lexis Centre is located in Chania, a city of approximately 70.000 inhabitants, with a long history that dates from ancient times. The city's old part is well - preserved and charming and the modern part is alive and organized.

The city offers many opportunities for recreation and entertainment in both summer and winter time. Summer time is best for relaxation, since the city is by the sea and is also the place where many excursions and walks begin to the rich natural environment of the Prefecture of Hania (beaches, mountainous paths, water springs, gorges, traditional villages, orchards, olive tree groves).

The Greek language and Culture Centre is fully equipped with modern facilities, situated on the first floor of a building that lies on the historic square of Splantzia, very close to the venetian harbour and also a few minutes from the heart of the modern city and its commercial centre.

It is a quiet square with an old plane - tree in its middle with coffee shops and the orthodox church of Saint Nicholas to the east with one of the city's typical minarets alongside. The Centre has two fully equiped multimedia classrooms, a small library with books, magazines, music, video and a small kitchen - refreshment room to be used by the students. The school's mail and e-mail address can be used by the students any time to receive their personal messages.



The teaching methods are modern, pleasant and lively. Pictures, music, language games and dramatization play the basic roles. The Centre uses well-tried textbooks that teach the Greek language as a foreign language, as well as original materials from many various sources with a different degree of difficulty per level, to provide the best possible familiarization for the student with real situations.

The syllabuses of the Centre cover all the levels of knowledge of the Greek language, from the beginners level to the level of perfection. The categorization of the levels at the "LEXIS Centre" is based on the corresponding levels from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. These levels are four: (A) Basic, (B) Intermediate, (C) Advanced, (D) Perfection.

The Centre offers Intensive Programs which include a 20 hours lessons a week (four - hours a day) in a groups of 3-7 students.  These programs include several activities like a visit to a museum, to an exhibition, a meal together with all the students and the teachers in a tavern or a restaurant in the town or in the neighboring suburbs,  preparation of a typical Greek dish in the kitchen of the school, etc.  These activities are included at no extra charge.   Students can also select other activities which are charged extra like a seminar of Greek folk dances, a seminar of Greek cuisine, etc.

The school also offers Private Lessons. The frequency and the total of teaching hours are arranged after initial contact with the teacher.



The Centre has a list of hotels, rented flats and studios for those interested. Prices depend on the class of the hotel and the season. The Centre has also selected a number of families which can accommodate students and can show them what Greek hospitality means.


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2 600
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4 1100


5 (Minimum) 36 / Hour
20 700
30 1020


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