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Pimsleur Polish

Pimsleur program is an audio-based system designed for teaching to speak foreign languages to English speakers.

The Pimsleur audio program uses a natural mode of interactive communication -- questions and answers; statements and rejoinder -- beginning with the most-frequently-utilized vocabulary native speakers use in everyday conversations.

The complete Pimsleur Polish program (Pimsleur Comprehensive) consists of thirty half hour lessons which will teach to establish rapport with Polish speakers and participate in simple and direct conversations on everyday topics such as ordering food and making simple purchases.
A smaller package containg only the first 16 lessons is also available and it is sold as Pimsleur Conversational.

This is how the program works:

In the lessons the student is required to actively participate in thinking and speaking following the tutor's instructions.

The student listens to a recording on which a native speaker speaks phrases in both the foreign language (Polish) and explains in the language used for teaching (English).

At varying intervals, the student is prompted to repeat a phrase after the speaker finishes it.

The student is then introduced to a new phrase and the meaning is explained

After repeating several times, the student is asked to repeat a previous phrase, along with integrating vocabulary from the new one.

More new phrases are introduced, while old phrases are prompted at random. The random recall is designed to associate words with meanings.

Where to buy Pimsleur?

Pimsleur programs can be bought from:

Pimsleur Method
Authorized Pimsleur Dealer.




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